Fight Crab Now Available on Nintendo Switch

After a while of waiting, the absurd physics-based crab fighting game by Mastiff and Calappa Games has finally been released on the Nintendo Switch. To celebrate this wonderful occasion, a launch trailer for Fight Crab was also released, which you can watch above.

This highly-amusing battle game features intense claw-to-claw combat, as well as single and multiplayer modes that you will surely enjoy either way given how over-the-top they are. Fight Crab is currently available for $19.99 USD in North America, €19,99 EU in Europe, and $29.99 AUD in Australia.

As the name implies, you play as a giant crab who is on a journey to achieve crustacean conquest by flipping over and pinning down anything that comes in your way. As a crab, you get to do classic fighting game moves like blocking and grabbing, along with hyper mode-activated skills.

With each victory, you get to unlock not only powerful new crabs, but awesome abilities as well. Just because you’re a crab, doesn’t mean you miss out on all the fun. You still get to arm yourself with all kinds of weapons – from a whip sword, nunchaku, and axe gun, to a chainsaw, beam saber, jet engines, and so much more.



Here are some of Fight Crab’s key features:


For more information, you can check out Fight Crab’s official website, or purchase the game on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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