Joycity To Expand Availability of CrossFire: Warzone

Joycity has decided to expand the availability of CrossFire: Warzone, its very popular strategy game. CrossFire: Warzone is based on the original shooter game CrossFire, which has around 100 million players globally.

That being said, Warzone is the very first strategy game to have surpassed the CrossFire IP. For this mobile title, players have to combat large-scale terrorist groups that endanger different cities from all over the globe.

CrossFire: Warzone was released last July 2020 to selected regions, including the United States. However, there has been a surge in demand from those regions where the game was not released.

Thankfully, Joycity has heard the fans’ pleas and so, they will be launching CrossFire: Warzone in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Russia, and more along with local language support.

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After all, the original FPS game had a huge player-base in those areas. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if Warzone, too, will be a huge success there.

CrossFire: Warzone is scheduled to be released in those regions in October. Pre-registration for the game in the expanded areas started on September 15, so we highly recommend that you go and pre-register now.

If you’re not convinced, you will even receive in-game rewards just by pre-registering, such as Officer Tokens, Medals, Gold, and Base Shields. In addition, more rewards will be given out to each participating player depending on the total number of people who pre-registered.

For more information regarding the pre-registration and any future updates, check out the official Facebook page for CrossFire: Warzone.

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