Fortnite Awakening Challenge: Jennifer Walter office location

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is currently ongoing and another weekly task has been released. The Fortnite Awakening Challenge demands players to locate Jennifer Walter’s office and destroy her vase.

Upon unlocking the season’s new Battle Pass, the first players can unlock Thor’s new skin. Upon reaching Level 22, players will receive Jennifer Walter’s skin, who is She-Hulk’s alter ego. To complete the Fortnite Awakening Challenge, players must have already unlocked Jennifer Walters’ skin and must wear it at all times, or else all efforts are useless.

Much like the Thor skin, players can unlock a built-in Jennifer Walters emote which allows them to transform into the She-Hulk. Here is everything you need to know to complete the Fortnite Awakening Challenge:

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Fortnite Awakening Challenge: Find Jennifer Walter’s office

Players must take note that they must have the Jennifer Walters skin equipped before attempting to start the quest. The office is located to the West of Retail Row. Players should head inside the building and run around for a bit to register the challenge as complete.

After completing the quest, players can now head to Doom’s Domain and defeat a couple of Doctor Doom’s henchmen. Players will also have the chance to unlock the Jennifer Walters skin silver foil in here too.

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Fortnite Awakening Challenge: Smash the vase

The final part of this weekly challenge is to Hulk Smash a vase and then using the built-in emote while wearing the Jennifer Walters skin. Players need to locate a huge vase standing in Cape Cod and smash it. After smashing the vase and using the emote, players will unlock the Gamma Overload emote which lets players transform into She-Hulk anytime they want.

Players who missed the first weekly challenge can check the Wolverine challenges here.

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