Fortnite May Be Releasing a Venom Skin According to Leaks

With Fortnite Season 4 being a collaboration with Marvel, the game has been full of Marvel-inspired content updates. As a matter of fact, the game has recently released an update that added the Stark Industries to the map.

Now, there have been rumors and speculations floating around about the possibility of a Venom skin based on a new set of leaks. Venom is one of Spider-Man’s most popular villains, and with Spider-Man content rumored to be added soon, it wouldn’t be surprising that they would add Venom to the roster.

Thanks to the ever-hardworking dataminers, we have a pretty good idea about what the villain’s appearance will be like. However, we have yet to find out what exactly Venom will look like within the game itself.

HYPEX, another Fortnite leaker, has also tweeted a few other forms of proof that we can consider as evidence that the skin is making its way to the game. For one thing, the user has shared Venom’s “Smash and Grab” in a clip along with its cooldown and damage stats.

Since Venom is known to be a villain, it would be cool if Fortnite players can get the chance to fight off with him just like with Doctor Doom. It would also be great if Epic Games adds a different skin based on the white Anti-Venom design as well.

With Venom’s punch card and special abilities already leaked to the world, it’s pretty likely that we’ll be seeing Venom in an update soon.

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