Reliable Leaker Claims That Fortnite Will Add Mod Support Soon

Epic Games released Fortnite more or less three years ago, and since then, a slew of new content and features were introduced to the battle royale, such as map changes, skins, weapons, and so much more.

As a matter of fact, it feels like every new season of Fortnite brings the game a step further, turning it into an even better game than ever before. Players have been able to utilize more customization throughout the years.

As a matter of fact, Epic Games has even implemented a creative mode that gave fans access to tools that allowed them to create their own world within Fortnite. Now, it appears that the developer will be introducing a new feature in the form of mod support, according to a reliable Fortnite leaker.

The leaker, who goes by the online handle Lucas7Yoshi, took to Twitter to share with their followers the additional feature. That being said, Lucas7Yoshi isn’t exactly sure as to what extent the game will allow mods, but they claim that it’s “100% in the works.”

Without a doubt, players would absolutely love it if this leak were true, as it gives them even more creative freedom to customize their characters and more. In line with this, fans have been wondering how these mods would be regulated if this leak turns out to be true.

After all, PC users would have an unfair advantage if the mods are only available on that specific platform. However, Epic Games could always just limit the use of mods to particular game modes such as private or creative matches.

Another option would be to limit mods to simple skin changes and textures. This would be a great compromise that will allow creative freedom all while ensuring that there won’t be any unfair advantages.

At this point, countless video games have incredibly active modding communities that regularly release new content for players to enjoy. A few examples of such games include The Elder Scrolls and Grand Theft Auto 5.


Mods aren’t restricted to one genre, but it usually works well with RPG and open-world titles that already have in-depth customization options to begin with. That being said, it’s best to be cautious when applying mods to multiplayer games though, as there’s a chance that other players will be affected as well.

In any case, we’ll find out if Lucas7Yoshi’s claim that Fortnite will be introducing mod support is true or not soon enough. After all, Chapter 2 Season 4 of Fortnite is coming to an end — this November 30, to be precise.

This season was definitely a great one, especially since it featured all kinds of Marvel additions and events like a Marvel Nexus War, a Marvel Knockout LTM, as well as the inclusion of countless Marvel characters in the form of skins.

Previously, fans felt like Fortnite needed to add more content to its creative mode. In response, Epic Games released a massive update that significantly expanded the game’s creative hub. If it’s true that Fortnite will be supporting mods in the future, then this will surely open more creative doors leading to unlimited possibilities.

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