Release Date for The Outer Worlds Steam Version Revealed

The Outer Worlds, released only for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Game Store last year, was one of the biggest RPGs in 2019. The sci-fi title was considered to be a spiritual successor to what Obsidian Entertainment has done on Fallout: New Vegas.

What’s so great about The Outer Worlds is the fact that players are in control of their own destiny, as they had the power to make choices that could affect what happens in the game’s story and world.

That being said, the absence of the game on Steam was quite palpable though understandable, given the fact that Obsidian’s partnership with Epic Games meant that the game wouldn’t be released on Steam for at least the first year.

Since the title’s first anniversary is now fast approaching, The Outer Worlds is now finally set to release on one of the most popular storefronts this October 23.

We wouldn’t be surprised if there are still players out there who are waiting for the Steam release, especially since there was previously a controversy over the fact that the title was exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

However, the Steam page for the game doesn’t really give a lot of information. For one thing, the page doesn’t specifically mention how much The Outer Worlds is going to be. In addition to that, we don’t know if the most recent DLC for the title, Peril on Gorgon, will be up for sale on the storefront on day one.

For those who don’t know what The Outer Worlds is about, the action role-playing game is all about a fictional colony of planets ruled by megacorporations that oppress the citizens and mandate them to live a life of constant commercials and propaganda.

You, the player, will be playing as a colonist who just woke up from cryosleep. You are then tasked to take on a dangerous journey going from planet to planet in order to save the galaxy.

Signature to Obsidian, fans loved the fact that the RPG has a witty sense of humor. Plus, it’s a bonus that the game allows you to freely do whatever you want to do – it’s your story to tell. If you wanted to, you could kill every single character, choose to side with the antagonists, and experience different endings.

In other words, there’s so much to do and see in The Outer Worlds that it would probably take you a while to experience it all.


When it was initially released, The Outer Worlds was able to receive an 85 on Metacritic. Many critics agreed that Obsidian Entertainment was able to take the well-received elements of Fallout: New Vegas and then improved it and made it even better.

Recently, the developers worked hard to release a new DLC called Peril on Gorgon, which contains a sizeable amount of brand-new content such as new locations, quests, and even enemies.

Just like the base game, a majority of the fans loved the DLC and wanted to see more of its well-loved characters and humorous writing.

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