New Genshin Impact Character Demo Showcases Rocker Xinyan

Genshin Impact may have only been out for two months, but developer miHoyo has been working hard to ensure that the free-to-play title only gets even better. As a matter of fact, the game already received it’s very first major update recently, which introduced not only new characters but new features as well.

The first special banner to celebrate the latest 1.1 update was entitled “Farewell of Snezhnaya,” which featured the 5-star character Tartaglia “Childe,” as well as the 4-star character Diona.

Now, it appears that the newest event wish is called “Gentry of Hermitage” and it features new characters for players to attempt to pull via Genshin Impact’s gacha system. To keep the players both excited and informed, miHoYo tends to post about these new characters on its social media platforms along with a character demo reel.

These videos typically showcase the new character’s theme, voice actors, as well as their abilities. These character demos are then posted on YouTube, giving players outside of Twitter an idea about what they can expect if they acquire that particular character.


After posting the demo, miHoYo publishes a series of posts touting the new character. Recently, the character that miHoYo has been promoting is one of Genshin Impact’s new playable characters, Xinyan.

She’s one of the characters that were introduced in Genshin Impact’s 1.1 update, along with several others. Xinyan is a Pyro character who wields a heavy sword, which means that she has the element of fire.

Some fans say that she’s probably going to be a character that’s similar to Diluc, a highly-beloved fire user who deals incredible damage to compensate for his relatively slower speed.

Just like all the other characters in Genshin Impact, though, the way the character fights is only half the appeal. Most often than not, the characters’ visual design and personality are what make the players want to acquire them in the first place.

We can imagine that miHoYo had western fans in mind when it worked on Xinyan, as her personality and accent suggest that she’s an aspiring musician from the heartland. She travels the expansive world of Teyvat with just her ginormous sword and guitar.

Of course, we’re not saying that traveling musicians don’t exist in other countries because they do. However, the clear southern accent — at least in the English version — gives the implication that miHoYo had a specific demographic in mind for Xinyan.

The new video for Xinyan was only a short demo, so there’s still a chance that the developer will release a Character Tales video for her. That being said, Xinyan is going to be the last character to be introduced from the 1.1 update. As such, fans will probably have to wait until Genshin Impact version 1.2 for more character spotlights.

Xinyan’s cheery and light personality may undoubtedly be different compared to the other already-existing characters, but she looks like she fits right in. Besides, Genshin Impact players are always so welcoming of any new playable character, as this means that they have more options to choose from to create the perfect party.

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