Meta Verified is now in India. Alongside this announcement, Meta underlined its intention to continue recognizing the legacy badges of its users.

The approach is far from what Twitter tried to implement to promote its Blue subscription offering. In its recent blog post, the Facebook and Instagram parent company explained why keeping badges on such users is important.

“These accounts passed through a set of criteria to confirm their authentic presence and may be more susceptible to impersonation than the average user,” Meta said. “So, it’s important we maintain the verified badge to protect their accounts and the people that engage with them.”

The statement came alongside the company’s announcement of the Meta Verified expansion to India after bringing it to the US, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Meta CEO announced that the verification offer is expected to arrive in Brazil soon.

The pricing of the offer still observes the base pricing of the company in the US, which is $11.99/month on the web and $14.99/month on mobile. For India-based customers, these numbers translate to a monthly subscription of ₹699 for iOS and Android and ₹599 for the web.

The bundle subscription offers a handful of benefits from Meta, including a verified badge, proactive account monitoring against impersonation, and account service support. For the latter, the company promised to make the Hindi language available “in the coming months.” Moreover, the company noted that it made some changes in the offering after receiving some feedback from current Verified customers. 

“Since our initial test of Meta Verified in Australia and New Zealand, we’ve made a few adjustments based on learnings, including the removal of increased reach for additional test countries,” Meta said. “This continues to be the approach for India. We’re exploring elements to add to the subscription as we roll out to more places and will share more when we’re ready.”

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