Gran Turismo 7 Devs Detail Why Game Will Always Require Online Connection

Gran Turismo 7’s single-player GT Campaign mode, which is returning, will require a constant internet connection, according to the game’s designer. At the time, there was no explanation for the move, prompting many irate Gran Turismo fans to wonder whether an internet connection was required for a single-player option. Gran Turismo founder Kazunori Yamauchi has finally reacted to the outrage, explaining Gran Turismo 7’s strange decision.

Gran Turismo 7 will include an always-online connection for its GT Campaign mode, according to Yamauchi, in order to avoid “cheating.” Yamauchi goes on to claim that it intends to prohibit Gran Turismo 7 gamers from changing the game’s save data.

As a result, if a Gran Turismo 7 game option necessitates access to a player’s saves file, it will also necessitate an internet connection. To put it another way, it’s an anti-piracy function.


As a result, the GT Campaign mode isn’t the only single-player game option in Gran Turismo 7 that requires an internet connection. GT Campaign, GT Cafe, and other applications are all linked to the saving of files that require an internet connection.

In reality, Gran Turismo 7’s Arcade mode is the only game style that might theoretically allow for an offline experience. Yamauchi’s remark, however, suggests that he isn’t sure if this is accurate, thus Arcade mode might also require an internet connection.

The Livery feature in Gran Turismo 7 will be used across all game modes and will require an internet connection. Gran Turismo 7’s Livery Editor will allow players to create unique liveries. This information will reportedly be stored and accessible online, necessitating the need of an internet connection.


This kind of anti-piracy protection is nothing new in the Gran Turismo series. It was also included in Gran Turismo Sport, the franchise’s previous installment that before Gran Turismo 7. Gran Turismo Sport was ultimately panned, in part because it prevented the user from saving if the game was not connected to the internet. It was also harshly chastised for putting too much emphasis on online multiplayer. Critics of Gran Turismo Sport will be cautious about these recurring focuses in Gran Turismo 7.

Yamauchi’s answer is unlikely to satisfy any Gran Turismo enthusiasts who were irritated by the necessity to play online. Both save files and livery might be handled without an internet connection, at least for activities and game types that shouldn’t necessitate one in the first place.

It also implies that the game will be practically unplayable when Sony finally decides to shut down Gran Turismo 7’s online services. It’s a poor decision all around, especially since Gran Turismo Sport was chastised for the same problem.

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