Pokemon Fan Shares Incredible Cosplay of Jessie from Team Rocket

2021 has already been offering great new content for many Pokemon fans around the world. Whether you enjoy collecting exclusive merchandise, or playing Pokemon video games from the comfort of your own home or through real-world exploring, there’s always something for you in this long-running franchise full of adorable characters and pocket monsters.

While many fans of either the video games or the animated series have a tendency to support the hero characters and their array of Pokemon, such as Pikachu and others, there’s also a number of fans who prefer the supposed antagonists like Team Rocket.

Run under the leadership of its president, Giovanni, Team Rocket is a criminal organization featured in both the animated series and the video games. It’s impossible for Pokemon fans not to know who Team Rocket is, especially since they’re always on a mission to steal or exploit other characters’ unique Pokemon.

Asides from Giovanni though, there are recurring Team Rocket members who have become fan-favorites at this point, the most popular of whom are the infamous duo, Jessie and James. This pair may be supposed villains, but they’re most remembered for their antics that almost always fail.

Jessie and James wear the signature black and white Team Rocket getup, and in the case of the animated series, the two always recite the Team Rocket motto every time they enter the scene. As such, they’ve always been a common favorite amongst cosplayers.

Speaking of, a cosplay team known as Kinpatsu Cosplay recently shared their most recent look, and it happens to be a tribute to the notorious team. To be more specific, the new look completely transformed the model into Team Rocket’s Jessie.

It’s impressive how Kinpatsu Cosplay was able to closely replicate Jessie’s look—from her massive magenta hair to her Team Rocket uniform. Along with official pictures of the cosplay, Kinpatsu Cosplay also shared a video highlighting the fact that Jessie’s signature hairstyle—unsurprisingly—requires a hefty amount of hairspray. However, as we can all see, the cosplay team was able to replicate it successfully.



That being said, let’s take a moment to appreciate how the model made use of her existing features for this cosplay look. While some cosplayers tend to cover up features that may not be consistent with the character e.g. tattoos, Kinpatsu Cosplay wasn’t afraid to utilize the model’s tattoo to its advantage.

As the pictures clearly show, the model has a lovely flower tattoo peeking out of her skirt, and honestly, it looks like a tattoo that a real-world Jessie might get or at least a similar design given her personality and style.

Instead of covering it up like most cosplay groups would, Kinpatsu Cosplay made it blend with their work and completely owned the look. As a whole, the art of cosplay is probably one of the most beloved components of any fandom. Whether it’s from the anime or gaming community, a plethora of fans have shared their incredible cosplay creations on different social media platforms and will most likely continue to do so for many years to come.

That said, Kinpatsu Cosplay also shared the different designs and patterns for its Jessie cosplay on their website, so you might want to check that out if you’re interested in cosplaying the character yourself.

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