Hitman 3 IOI Account Servers Crashed During Release Day

Developer IO Interactive revealed on Twitter that Hitman 3’s IOI Account servers crashed during release day, and the studio is doing its best in fixing the problem to alleviate its impact on players. Hitman 3 is the latest and final entry in the World of Assassination trilogy, a myriad of rebooted Hitman games that helped reinvigorate the character of Agent 47 and modernize the game.

IO Interactive’s work on the Hitman series has been critically acclaimed, and Hitman 3 continued this trend, with the game getting impressive positive feedback when its review prohibition was lifted a few hours ago.

Hitman 3 reviews massively praised the game’s environmental design which brings six comprehensively crafted levels to life with a swarm of assassination options. Hitman 3 will also carry over progress from past installments in the trilogy, allowing unlocks from the previous games to come to the newest game.

The harmony between the games is another selling point for Hitman 3 that has succeeded in rejuvenating the brand, and so the game’s carry over progression is a huge element of the new release and a preference for fans.

This is why the development team is working hard to fix this unanticipated issue. According to the company’s official Twitter account, the IOI Account servers have crashed, which means progression carryover is currently not possible for Hitman 3 players.

The developer posted two tweets, with the first gladly recognizing that the team is working on the problem and that “everyone wants to play at once,” but in a couple of hours that have passed since then, no repair has been enforced successfully.

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IO Interactive then followed up a few minutes after the first tweet about the IOI Account servers being down, discussing that they were still figuring it out and that it will remind its players on Twitter if the issue has been fixed. The developer also reminded players to refresh their Twitter feeds instead of the IOI account site to help hasten the repair and not flood the servers even further.

It’s definitely bad timing for the development team as Hitman 3 is coming off some remarkably good buzz thanks to its positive feedbacks. Hopefully, the problem gets fixed soon and does not hurt what should be a release period filled with excitement for both IO Interactive that worked so diligently on the game, and the players that are keen to see how that work has paid off.

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