A new leak shows Instagram is working on its own AI chatbot, which will allow users to ask questions and request advice. In short, it will work like ChatGPT.

App researcher and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi shared the news on Twitter, posting some screenshots of the bot’s prompt. According to the post, the chat experience, described as “something like ChatGPT,” can be summoned using the @ shortcut feature. In the screenshot, the bot’s shortcut can be read as “@ai_meta.” It is unknown, however, if this will be the official name of the chatbot. 

Additionally, Paluzzi stressed that the Instagram bot would offer 30 different personalities. There are no other details on what these personalities would be, but comparing it to past reports about AI personalities on ChatGPT-powered Bing might mean distinct tone settings for the bot.

Interestingly, the AI prompt says the bot will allow you to “find the best way to express yourself and get help writing messages.” This might be a clear indication of an assistive feature of the bot, which is not new among AI nowadays. The same capability is already present in Edge’s AI-powered sidebar, and Microsoft recently brought it to its SwiftKey mobile phone keyboard.

While the news about this Instagram bot is interesting, reports about Meta exploring AI are no longer new. To recall, the Instagram parent company introduced new AI tools weeks ago. However, these two AI creations are dedicated to ads and code generation. With this, it is a surprise that the company is now investing in a new AI offering directly accessible to end users.

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