It has become immensely difficult to impose restrictions on the tech generation. But there are numerous ways in which parents can monitor and control the activities of their children.

When it comes to digital technology and the use of gadgets, it is almost impossible to keep the kids of alpha generation or baby boomers away from digital gadgets and technology. In such situations, parental control applications or software come handy. Installing a digital parental control application or software enables the parent to monitor, control, and limit their children’s online and offline digital activity as well as track phones and devices that their children use.

Importance of Parental Control Application

Certain internet browsers and forums like Google, YouTube, etc. have child lock features and security features to restrict the access of children to adult content. But you won’t find such controls everywhere. This is where the parental control app comes into play and offers control over your child’s internet activity and features phone locator options as well.

Facilitates Website and Category Blocking

Many times parents don’t get to know that the websites their children are surfing are inappropriate for their age group. The parental control applications allow the parents to block such websites and even feature the category of such websites where parents could just simply block the entire category.

Helps Fighting Cyberbullying

Where children have found new means of learning and entertainment via the internet, they have been exposed to the cruelty and toxic culture of the digital world where they are quite vulnerable and prone to cyberbullying. The parental control apps allow you to analyze the conversations and interactions that the child is having over the internet. Parents cab handle any event of cyberbullying or abuse almost immediately.

Enable Phone Tracking

Phone tracking is the most supreme feature of such applications. These do not just serve as monitoring software but also serve as GPS location tracker and facilitates tracking the location of kids. The phone location tracker is very helpful when the child goes missing or gets into any dangerous situation. With the help of this app, one can track the phone and locate the child.


Facilitates setting Screen Time

Excessive screen time is addictive and has harmful effects on both the physical and mental health of youngsters and teenagers. Parents aren’t always around to keep a check on screen time but parental control apps can tell the exact time a person spent on screen. This information is helpful for parents to set and monitor the screen time for a healthy lifestyle.

Famisafe Parental Control Application – The Ultimate Solution for Parents

Famisafe Parental Control App is one of the best and most reliable parental control applications that you will find today. It is a super convenient and all-in-one parental control application. One can rely on this app for multiple tasks like phone tracking, location tracking, app monitoring, blocking, web content filtering, and remote screen time control. It provides the parents with complete control over children’s phones, their digital activity and duration, and all the interaction they have in the digital world.

How Famisafe Parental Control App is of Help?

Famisafe is an advanced and specialized parental control software that’s available for Android phone users. It’s advanced features provide the parents with a means of secure surveillance and protection well allows them to monitor and trace the location of the concerned people.

Trace your Children’s Whereabouts

Today’s kids seek independence more than ever! The latest technology, modes of commute, and communication facilitate their independent movements. However, security is a concern but parents can’t restrict or confine the children at home. Instead, there are better ways to keep track of them. Famisafe Parental Control App is the best tracking app for kids that helps parents track phone and locate where their children are.

Protection from Digital Danger

It is becoming hard to escape and prevent the menace and inappropriate content over the internet. For parents, it is even more challenging to shield the children from potentially damaging risks of the internet like cyberbullying, sexual predators, vulgar adult content, and so on. In this regard, Famisafe’s specialized features send automatic alerts to the parents in case of detection of any inappropriate content or activity over the child’s device.

Track Daily Digital Activity

Famisafe is equipped with a sensor system that detects every single activity that’s happening on the concerned digital device. It compiles a thorough and complete report of the entire digital activity. From the downloaded media to all the applications that are being downloaded or installed in the device, everything is added in the report. The digital activity report also shows the frequency and time duration of applications being used. You can even get to know the conversation or communication that’s been going on through the respective applications using the concerned digital device or internet server.


App Blocker

Famisafe is such an application that lets you block certain applications on the desired devices. If you don’t want your children to use social media applications and/or entertainment media applications, you can simply block those all by using the Famisafe Parental Control App.

Screen Time

The smart features of the Famisafe Parental Control App allow the parents to set the duration of their teen’s screen time. The parents could even customize the smart schedules for children at particular locations. The application lets you block your kids’ device simply from your own device or control device. No more lengthy arguments and convincing sessions with the children, if they are violating the timeline, device blockage is quite easy. This doesn’t even require you to be around. You can control all of this even from your workplace.

Phone Tracker

Famisafe Parental Control App is an excellent GPS location tracker that is always at your rescue. Whether you have lost your phone, can’t trace your children’s location, or any other similar case, the mobile location tracker is at your disposal.

Simple and Smooth Proceeding

The easy, quick, and hassle-free proceeding makes Famisafe a distinguished parental control application among the other software in the field. The entire process is quite simple and instant. One just needs to register an account at the app’s site or portal, download and install the application on the phone, and then finally connect it with the devices you want to monitor and track. Its subscription is quite flexible and the app provides effective support for multiple devices. The customer care support system is always available to resolve the problem. And people vogue for its security and trustworthiness.

Famisafe Pricing

Famisafe offers highly affordable packages for everyone. You can choose the package that suits you best; monthly, quarterly, or annual. The monthly plan is priced at $9.99, the quarterly plan costs $6.66, and the annual plan is priced at a mere $4.99 per month! Depending on the subscription you choose, you can control as many as 30 devices!

We can’t deny the importance of parental control in today’s fast-paced, tech world where a child is exposed to all sorts of content – good and bad. While parents can’t stop their children from doing everything, they surely can monitor what their kids are up to. Thanks to the Famisafe Parental Control app that parents have a little less to worry about now.