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Finding the perfect gift for gamers is extremely hard, especially if you’re not a gamer yourself. A gaming gadget certainly is one of the options, but since they’re often out of stock, it isn’t easy to find one on sale.

The good news is you have another option: to buy what you think is the best game. After all, now that most gamers are stuck in their homes, they’re most likely already tired of playing the same games. Hence, they must be dying to play a new game. But finding the best game, let alone a decent one is easier said than done.

Companies are releasing countless games, yet the majority of them aren’t good enough for most gamers. The worst-case scenario is your gift will end up untouched, and you certainly don’t want that. So how can you find the best games for a gamer?

This guide will show you several ways to find the best games out there, from the popular ones to those that are considered a hidden gem by the community.

1. Subscribe to gaming websites 

Most websites will ask their readers to subscribe to their newsletter. While most people usually ignore these messages, you can comply with their request just this once. That way, you can find out the latest news on the gaming industry and stay up-to-date on their gaming-related blogs.

A great example of a gaming website with a treasure trove of credible information is PCGameHaven. The site tackles gaming-related topics including hardware reviews, PC builds, and most importantly, gaming blogs.

2. Browse gaming marketplace 

Gaming marketplaces contain a huge amount of information about games. On top of being a place where a lot of video games are located, they also offer various features like the following:

    • Different sections (Discover, Free to Play, Top Selling, Upcoming, etc.)
    • Filter system
    • Rating system
    • Comments

With these features, you can consider gaming marketplaces as a gold mine for information. Here’s a closer look at some examples:

    • Steam: The biggest gaming marketplace for trending games
    • GOG: Also called Good Old Games, great for classic games
    • A marketplace specializing in indie works
    • Humble Bundle: Provides humble deals for gamers

Most of the time, the rating system and hierarchy of games within marketplaces are affected by the community, so it’s a good idea to ask the community for suggestions directly.

3. Join gaming forums 

The gaming community is full of insights into different kinds of games. In fact, most of the hidden gems are found because of the efforts of gamers within such a community. So, what better way to find the best games than by joining gaming forums.

Once in a forum, the next step is to enter keywords on the search bar and look for reviews on games that you’re already eyeing. You can also ask for suggestions from gamers.

Below are five of the best gaming forums on the internet:

    • Reddit: This forum has the highest number of contributors
    • IGN: Most reviews here are all high-quality
    • The Verge: If you’re looking for positive reviews, this is where it’s at
    • VGR: Users also include video game deals along with reviews

Make sure you’re in the gaming forum and not on the website itself. Most of these forums are just a section of the main website. For example, if you want to go to a gaming forum on Reddit, type in r/gaming since you won’t find any gaming reviews on the main page.

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4. Search for the keywords 

You can also do it the way most users are finding games and that is by entering the keywords on search engines. Enter the keywords ‘best games,’ and you’ll end up with blogs featuring a list of games. You can also be more specific and type in the genre like Action, for example.

However, since some of these blogs are based on the hype, you have to look into the games that they recommend afterward. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to get a long list of games after reading a couple of blogs.

5. Listen to gaming podcasts

Podcasts are like radio stations, but the hosts focus on a certain topic. That’s why most gamers can relate to topics tackled on gaming podcast.

Most podcasts are run by popular figures in the gaming industry. While they may not always talk about the best games, you can gain some insights on which video game is hot right now.

Here are some of the most popular active gaming podcasts:

    • Gamertag Radio: This podcast has been running for over 15 years, so there’s a lot of content. You can even find hidden gems from the olden days
    • Game Scoop: If you think IGN is credible, try listening to their official podcast. Game Scoop provides in-depth reviews on trending games for each week
    • How Did This Get Played: As the name suggests, this podcast focuses on games that are weird and out of the ordinary
    • Giant Bombcast: One of the most popular podcasts for news, reviews, and interviews

Unfortunately, gaming podcasts often include things that are not gaming-related, so although it’s interactive, it can be a bit time-consuming compared to other methods.

6. Watch game review/teasers 

Another method is to look for YouTube channels that focus on reviewing games. Most of the time, they provide both the pros and cons of a game, so not only can you look for great games, but you can also cross out games that receive negative reviews from these channels.

Here are a few YouTube channels that provide objective game reviews:

    • ACG: In-depth reviews ranging from around 20 minutes covering different aspects of the game with a clear rating system
    • Worth A Buy: Exactly what the name implies, this channel often reviews games, and at the end of the video, they will determine if it’s worth buying or not
    • AngryJoeShow: A relatively old channel that includes gameplay while he gives his thoughts
    • Gameranx: Relatively quick reviews but tackles essential topics along with gameplay

As always, you have to make sure the channel is active by checking their recent videos. As an alternative, you can look at the current videos of YouTubers that often play video games like PewDiePie.

7. Ask your gamer friends

If you’re tired of looking for a game, you can always ask your gamer friends for recommendations. You can also explain the context so they can suggest games that your favorite gamer likes. However, that’s only assuming you have gamers among your circle of friends. If you don’t, then you’re left with one last option.

8. Ask your favorite gamer 

If you’re REALLY tired of looking for a game, asking the receiver of the gift is always an option. Sure, it may ruin the element of surprise, but that depends on how you ask them. Who knows, they may not even know you’re buying them a gift even after you ask them for ideas.

Wrapping Up 

Figuring out the perfect game for a certain individual is difficult. But you can’t really blame the gaming industry. After all, even gamers themselves describe this process as finding a needle in a haystack. However, with the correct approach, you can make the search a lot easier and even more fun.