Stardew Valley Reaches Over 94,000 PC Players After Release Of 1.5 Update

According to Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone, more popularly known as ConcernedApe, the 2016 indie farming simulation RPG was able to reach a milestone in terms of its congruent players. Following the highly anticipated release of the game’s 1.5 update on PC, over 90,000 players jumped right back into the busy farm life at the same time.

The most recent content update offered a considerable number of changes and content, especially for a game that’s been out for nearly five years. No wonder fans treated its release like a heartwarming end-of-the-year treat.

The 1.5 update introduced a myriad of new content, such as a brand-new area to explore, all kinds of new enemies, as well as new NPCs, one of which is called Leo who comes with his very own backstory. Thanks to the latest update, Stardew Valley now has a beach type farm map, which turns a player’s farm into a spacious sandy area surrounded by ocean water. In terms of new location, ConcernedApe included a new region called Ginger Island, which has a volcanic dungeon with fiery enemies to contend with.


However, update 1.5 has only been released for PC so far, and console users are still waiting to experience these new features themselves. Fortunately, the developer confirmed that the console update will most likely roll out before the month ends.

Given how there are so many new things to explore in Stardew Valley, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many old and new players have jumped back into the game to see what all the hubbub is about. In turn, this led to the game breaking its past records.

ConcernedApe recently launched the 1.5.2 bug-fix patch, and at the end of the patch notes, he states that “Stardew Valley broke it’s all time in-game player record on Steam” with “94,879 players in-game at the same time.” The tailpiece was short and concise, but we don’t doubt that the developer is thankful.

As a whole, the patch notes for 1.5.2 list down all the changes and fixes made to the game. For those who want to figure out the changes on their own, Barone was kind enough to redact text that could serve as a spoiler. Overall, there’s nothing else of interest, as the latest patch only dealt with slight adjustments and fixes.

Although Stardew Valley was already huge upon release, the five-year-old title may be joining the ranks of those who received a significant boost in popularity a couple of years post-launch. One of the games on this list is Facepunk Studios’ Rust, a 2013 game that beat its own player records recently. This caused the developer to earn $1 million TWICE this week alone.

Of course, another title on this list would be 2018’s Among Us by indie developer InnerSloth. Saying that the social deduction game was huge in 2020 is pretty much an understatement.

With so many titles out there by big companies, it’s great to see indie games such as Stardew Valley be under the spotlight, especially when they reach player milestones and beat previous records after almost five years.

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