How To Master The Recalibration Station In The Division 2

Warlords of New York is the most recent update for Division 2, and it brings significant improvements to loot and, more significantly, the Recalibration Station. Before the update, if a piece of equipment had a high stat, it had to be absolutely demolished to receive the upgrade. Agents still had no idea what a maximum roll for various parts would be. All of that has changed, and handling the changes is a piece of cake.

The Recalibration Station has undergone a major overhaul now that Loot 2.0 is here to stay. Loot has been reorganized, and upgraded items are now kept in a library to be used at a later date. All of this translates to a more straightforward update process, improved organization of where products can be found, and improved recognition of great rolls. Let’s go through some of the updates and how to use this new system to update your characters.



There are two sites where you can get a recalibration. One is based at the Base of Operations in Washington, D.C., and the other is based in Haven, New York. When you arrive at any of them, you’ll see two options: the Station and the Library.

When the agent selects the Station choice, a menu of weapons and equipment will appear, indicating how much of each type of weapon and gear they have in their inventory/stash. Here, the agent will choose the weapon or equipment they want to upgrade to see what modifications, if any, are possible.


Instead, if an agent needs to see what they have to upgrade, they can go to the Library site. The Library, like the Station, has the same initial menu with the various weapons and gear, with one minor exception. A tiny green arrow pointing up informs the agent that an upgrade is available from a piece of equipment.

A new menu appears after you choose the desired piece of gear or weapons. Core Attributes, Attributes, and Talents are all possible choices for this menu. Only the guns, chests, and backpacks will have the Talents option. After you’ve decided on one of the upgrade options, the next step is to decide which one you want to upgrade to.

How To Upgrade

It’s time to recalibrate the piece we want after learning how to classify which part does what. To begin, we must locate a piece of equipment with a stat we can roll off and add to the library. Let’s pretend that an SMG fell with 5.0 percent weapon damage as an attribute and was picked up in the open world or missions.


If you kill this weapon right away, it could give you materials. It must be placed in the Library, which requires the agent to go to the Recalibration Library and destroy it there. The difference is that losing it in the Library returns it to the Library, where it can be used on other SMGs.

Go to the Station portion, select the SMG, select the talent to delete, and replace it with the attribute now stored in the library. In our example, the 5.0 percent weapon damage will not be lost and can be reused each time it is used in a recalibration. This is the same theory that applies to all arms and equipment.

Tips and Tricks

Even if the piece you get doesn’t have a god roll (God rolls are marked by the orange bar that highlights the attribute), adding it to the Library as a temporary step would ensure that in the worst-case situation, you have a valuable attribute already stored.

Another suggestion is to figure out what needs to be stored on an object with several successful rolls. If you have two god attributes on one item, make sure the more valuable talent is rolled off to the library or that you know the talent is needed more.


Another option is to keep the item in the stash before another piece that suits one of the other talents becomes available. Perfect talents can be tricky, as rolling a perfect talent can not result in the perfect being rolled off and the base standard is stored instead.

Make sure you have a second identical perfect talent as a test piece before dismissing such a great talent. A final trick is that in the Recalibration Station portion, it will state where the actual attributes are on the right side. A message will appear indicating which of the attributes it will use. If there is more than one and it is not possible to adjust it to the desired attribute.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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