Latest Overwatch Map May Be Hinting At New Fox Hero

To the fans’ surprise, Blizzard Entertainment announced a brand-new Deathmatch map unexpectedly, with the new area consisting of beautiful Japanese buildings and interesting establishments such as a cat cafe and a seedy nightclub.

That being said, it appears that this most recent Overwatch map, which has been named Kanezaka, also contains several hints and teasers alluding to new heroes. More specifically, the new map heavily references the fox hero that has been rumored about in the past.

In a recent developer update, Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan shared a few teasers about the new map, particularly about the different graffitis that can be found throughout Kanezaka. Kaplan advised fans to pay close attention to these graffitis, which led them to quickly analyze and unveil potential lore.

Kaplan’s hints were apparently helpful, as players discovered various references to a hero that’s expected to arrive in Overwatch 2.


It was announced some time in 2019 that a new Overwatch 2 hero will be accompanied by some kind of pet that is greatly similar to a fox. The unannounced female hero will reportedly be wielding a four-sided melee weapon. However, the spotlight supposedly lands on the fox-like pet, as it has been suggested that it will assist the hero in battle or may perhaps even serve as her ultimate ability.

Given the fact that the fox is so prominently featured in the unannounced Overwatch 2 hero’s concept, it can’t be argued that the fox references in Kanezaka’s street art are an obvious allusion to the mysterious hero.

That being said, we must give credit where credit is due. The fox graffiti was discovered by a fan and Reddit user who goes by the handle DoctorDeadeye, who gladly shared their discovery on the Overwatch subreddit.

It appears that one of the graffitis in Kanezaka secretly hid the Japanese word “yokai” — which can be translated to supernatural entities or spirits that can sometimes appear like animals. When looking at Japanese folklore, these yokai usually take on the appearance of foxes.

If you piece two and two together, Blizzard is essentially providing players with hints as to what the upcoming hero’s companion will appear as, especially since the new free-for-all map contains various graffiti that reference foxes.

Kanezaka Graffiti from Overwatch

When details were initially revealed for the upcoming character, it was teased that she would be connected in some way or another to the Shimada clan. If this is true and the unknown hero will truly have ties to Overwatch’s Genji and Hanzo, then it’s possible that she will also have similar powers to the Shimada brothers.

In line with this, it’s also possible that the fox will look similarly to Hanzo’s spirit dragons, which could mean that it will have a ghost-like appearance rather than having a solid, physical form. Of course, everything is purely theories right now, but it’s definitely exciting that the developer has finally started teasing the fans with new content.

That being said, it appears that the new Kanezaka map isn’t just potentially teasing one new hero but two. An area in Kanezaka features a billboard that appears to showcase the new Mech pilot, Brit.

In any case, these new discoveries have definitely gotten the community buzzing with excitement and we can’t wait for Blizzard to reveal more.

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