Cheaters are Increasing in Among Us

Since the start of quarantine this year, people have resorted to playing games either solo or with friends to pass the time. One of the games that the internet stumbled upon is Among Us, and it has been rising in popularity ever since.

Among Us has been out since 2018, but with the advent of major streamers playing it and social media gushing about it, the game unexpectedly blew up. Naturally, developer InnerSloth has been really pleased about this, but once a game gets too popular, a lot of issues start popping up in its wake as well.

You may or may not be surprised about this, but Among Us has a cheating problem right now and players are starting to complain. While some players haven’t resorted to hacking like the others, their dishonest techniques to ensure victory still takes away any enjoyment for the game.

The main issue that everyone has is against those who straight up just hack into the game to give themselves an advantage against the other players. Some would use client-side cheats in order to increase their speed or even to help them determine who the impostor is from the get-go.

One very good example of this case is posted by a Redditor called u/yosol, wherein a hacker killed all the players “within 3 seconds of the game.”

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This reminds us of how Fall Guys also experienced a pretty serious cheating problem, too. The Fall Guys developers tried to deal with these cheaters in a fun way by adding Cheater Island into the game, but this sadly didn’t work the way they planned.

As such, Mediatonic had to be remorseless about the situation and added Easy Anti Cheat to the title, which mostly fixed the issue. However, the number of developers working on Among Us can only be counted with one hand – three people to be exact – so it would understandably be difficult for InnerSloth to make a major move the way Mediatonic did.

If you’ve played Among Us with your friends or with random people online, you know that it’s one of the game’s implemented mechanics that you should only talk or discuss with other players during an emergency meeting or when a dead body is found.

This mechanic is further supported in the game itself, as players can only converse with each other through the built-in chatbox during these two specific instances. As such, many players resort to using third-party applications like Discord to voice chat with others, but this can be an underhanded way to win the game.

For instance, there’s no way to stop players from snitching to their friends who the impostor is when they get killed. Fortunately, cases like these don’t come up as often, but cases of hackers in public matches have been increasing recently.

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Players cheating in video games definitely isn’t a new thing, but cheating in a game like Among Us is definitely confusing. For one thing, Among Us doesn’t have a progression system like other games, so we don’t understand what kind of satisfaction one gets out of cheating in the game.

That being said, InnerSloth is aware of this current issue and it’s looking for different ways to remedy it.

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