Kojima Productions Teases New “Exciting Updates”

Kojima Productions has been noticeably silent after it released Death Stranding on PC this year, which has left fans wondering what the developer has planned for the future. However, it appears that the studio may be giving us something to be excited about, as Kojima Productions’ Twitter account recently posted that the team will be “delivering some exciting updates” on December 16.

December 16 will be a big day for the company, as it will mark the 5th year since highly-renowned game director Hideo Kojima left Konami and started Kojima Productions, a company that we now know and love.

E3 2016 was an extremely exciting time for Kojima Productions and for Kojima himself, as that was when the studio revealed that it was working on Death Stranding by releasing a new and mysterious trailer during the event.


The game was launched four years after that on the PlayStation 4 and then the PC after. Since Death Stranding’s release, Kojima Productions has announced that it’s now working on a brand-new title. As a matter of fact, the developer was even working on new music for an “undisclosed” game back in October.

Naturally, this announcement made the fans buzz with excitement, with some starting to speculate what the next game might be. As a matter of fact, rumors began spreading claiming that a new PS5-exclusive Silent Hill game is in the works and that Kojima Productions is collaborating with both Sony and Konami in order to develop that.

That being said, the verity of these rumors will finally be put to the test, as Kojima Productions will finally be sharing new and exciting announcements on its social media account within a few days.

According to the developer’s Twitter post, the announcement will go live at “12AM (NYC), 5AM (UK), 6AM (CET) and 2PM (JP).” If we were to go ahead and analyze how the post was phrased, we assume that there will be more than one announcement since the tweet specifically says “updates” — which means plural.

That being said, Hideo Kojima has been conspicuously silent in regards to this. Some say that it would be too early for fans to expect that Kojima Productions would announce an open-world AAA title.

But then again, we have to keep in mind that the studio revealed Death Stranding even when it didn’t have a game engine yet. As such, anything is definitely possible. On the other hand, Kojima previously admitted that he was also interested in developing smaller-scale projects, such as manga, anime, or perhaps episodic video games. So, it’s also possible that one of the updates will be about this.

To the surprise of many, Death Stranding had significantly low sales when it was released last year, so not a lot of gamers are expecting Kojima Productions to release a sequel. However, Kojima did say in the past that if he does decide to work on a sequel, he would do it from scratch.

With that in mind, it’s possible that the upcoming announcement may reveal that Death Stranding will be released on the PlayStation 5 since the next-gen console doesn’t have its own upgraded version of the game just yet.

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