Cyberpunk 2077 Players Can Encounter Hideo Kojima At An In-Game Bar

With Cyberpunk 2077’s release date fast approaching, the headlines will most likely talk about this highly-awaited CD Projekt Red game, especially since reviewers have already begun publishing their thoughts about Night City and everything in it.

Reviews from different critics have already been making the rounds, most of which have given Cyberpunk 2077 high scores and positive reviews. Given how expansive the game is, there are so many things that could be discussed about it. However, there’s one cameo in particular that has caught the attention of many, as it appears that Hideo Kojima is included in the game.

Kojima may be popularly known for his vital role in the Metal Gear franchise, but he has also received recognition for the success of Death Stranding, a post-apocalyptic action-adventure featuring Norman Reedus.


Unsurprisingly, Kojima accumulated a cult following throughout the years since many fans enjoy his cinematic style as well as his complex narratives, so much so that he’s pretty much a pop culture icon at this point. As a result, Kojima has a tendency to show up in unexpected places.

From Keanu Reeves’ Johnny Silverhand to a variety of gangs with all kinds of members, Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City is home to unique and interesting characters. If players are specifically looking for Hideo Kojima, however, they’ll find him at a hotel bar early on in their playthrough.

In one of Cyberpunk 2077’s missions, players will find themselves visiting Konpeki Plaza wherein Jackie, the protagonist’s partner, will want to immediately check into a hotel room. However, those who want to explore the area a little bit more before heading back to their room will get the chance to interact with the Metal Gear creator.

Starting from the lobby, head towards the restaurant and bar which can be found near the back of the building. Once near that area, players will see Kojima sitting in a booth accompanied by several fans.

In this case, Kojima’s in-game character is known as Oshima, which is a pretty commendable play on words. The Japanese word Kojima translates to “small island,” whereas Oshima means the opposite — “big island.”


In the booth, Oshima is pretty much just listening to other characters’ movie pitches, which is essentially something that the real Kojima himself can relate to. If players stay and talk to Oshima some more, they will get the chance to learn more about his character and why he’s in Cyberpunk 2077’s universe.

As expected of a game this big, there are bound to be all kinds of pop culture references and easter eggs peppered around Night City, and it’s up to the players to find these out for themselves.

As a matter of fact, there’s even a small nod to the 90s shoujo series, Sailor Moon, in the form of a photo mode pose. Speaking of poses, some even believe that the “V for Victory” pose is a reference to Dark Souls’ Solaire.

Including references such as these makes the game even more immersive and as close to real-life as possible, even though it’s a completely fictional universe.

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