Kojima Productions Currently Working On New Music For Undisclosed Project

Nearly one year has passed since Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding was initially released on the PlayStation 4, while it’s been only three months since the action game was launched on the PC.

Despite the fact that Death Stranding had many polarizing reviews from both players and critics, it was clear that Kojima Productions would return with another game at some point in the future. It seems that the time is nigh, as an important member of the studio has revealed that they are already working on something new right now.

Kojima Production’s Composer and Audio Director, Ludvig Forssell, took to Twitter recently to post a photo showing the audio team’s first recording since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic.

The posted image showcases the orchestra members situated about six feet apart from each other. Not only that, but we can clearly see that the string and percussion players, along with the conductor, are wearing masks for safety reasons.

Forssell clearly states in his tweet that the picture depicted the “first ‘COVID recording’ this year” for the team and that what they’re working on is for an “undisclosed project.”

That being said, we still don’t have a lot of information about this new project. As a matter of fact, Kojima Production’s latest announcement only confirmed that a new project is in the works and that the studio is currently hiring people to help out with its development.

Since the announcement was made, a lot of players have been considering the possibility that the mysterious project is somehow related to Death Stranding. Some have even thoroughly examined some of Hideo Kojima’s concept art, and have concluded that they hint at a sequel.

That being said, the fans’ fervent attention to detail is pretty much a double-edged sword in some cases. For example, flashback to July 2020 when dedicated fans were excited to hear the rumors that Kojima and famous horror mangaka Junji Ito were possibly partnering up on a future project.

However, fans were left disheartened when Ito clarified that a collaboration between the two parties was more of a passing thought during a party and not a solid commitment. On the other hand, it’s not always a bad thing to keep tabs on Kojima’s Twitter account.

The former game director of highly-acclaimed title Metal Gear started a segment on his account a while back which he dubbed as “Hideo’s Musings.” There, he answers a bunch of common questions from fans.

When he first began this segment, he teased information to the fans such as which creators and actors he took an interest in during that time. In other words, checking on Kojima’s Twitter account every once in a while could give you a hint as to what he has currently planned for this new project.

We might have to wait a while before we get any concrete information regarding this, but no worries. There are other things you can do or games you can play that will keep you busy in the meantime, such as Death Stranding, which is frequently on sale for the PC.

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