Genshin Impact Will Not Be Coming to the Xbox

Genshin Impact has only been out for a few weeks, yet it has continued to remain a big hit, if not still rising in popularity. The title has seen over 17 million mobile downloads alone, so it’s safe to say that miHoYo’s open-world RPG is proving to be successful on the PC and PS4 as well.

Naturally, Xbox gamers also want in on the fun, so one common question fans have been asking is whether or not Genshin Impact will ever be released on the Xbox. Well, Genshin Impact developer miHoYo had an interview with Twinfinite where it answered this very important question.

MiHoYo discussed how it plans to port the free-to-play multiplayer to the PS5, which as you know is a next-gen console. However, the developer continued to say that it currently has no plans whatsoever to bring Genshin Impact to the Xbox consoles, whether it’s the current-gen or next-gen.

Because of the fact that Microsoft has acquired companies like Obsidian, Interplay Entertainment, and recently Bethesda, the Xbox is currently known as the domain of many western RPGs.

That being said, it’s quite fair to say that the Xbox has a sizeable amount of western games, but there’s a scarcity when it comes to Asian RPGs. As such, Genshin Impact would have been a great addition to the Xbox’s library, given the fact that it’s developed by a Chinese company and would therefore add variety to the console’s list of RPG games.



If you think about it, it’s both interesting and strange that miHoYo has no plans to release Genshin Impact on the Xbox, especially since a game such as this would only greatly benefit from being available on different platforms.

After all, Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game that also supports crossplay. So, one can imagine that having the game available to as many people as possible will only mean good things for miHoYo.

It’s safe to say that a lot of the game’s success can be credited to those players who wanted to enjoy a fun free game with friends. We can imagine that there are gamers out there who enjoy crossplay with friends who would have wanted to try out Genshin Impact together.

In any case, miHoYo still has a lot of things planned for the future of Genshin Impact. For one thing, the studio has already confirmed that the title will be seeing a Nintendo Switch release as well as the previously mentioned PS5 release.


In addition to that, miHoYo has even released the game’s roadmap, and even previously revealed that a new map expansion will be making its way to the game in December with the introduction of Dragonspine.

For those who do have access to the game, such as the mobile, PC, and PS4 users, they seem to be enjoying the game and so far, there’s not a lot of complaints about it. It’s just quite sad that despite the fact that the game has been so successful worldwide, even including China, it still won’t be ported to the Xbox any time soon or even ever.

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