Link Building campaign strategy

When embarking on a link building campaign, it always helps to have unique and rich content, a good brand, free tools, or a good reason for others to add a link to your site. Links that are not asked for are links – people link to pages because they are the to the visitor of the referrers. Conducting link exchanges, buying links, and performing linkage schemes that feel unethical is probably unnatural, which are a problem for many search engines today.

So act now and create an informative and authoritative site for your niche to get positive and the most natural link.
Below are some types of links and how to obtain them:

Article bio links. You can obtain article bio links by writing a few articles. You can write the articles yourself, or you can have them written for you. Look for authority sites in the industry that accept articles from guest writers.

Authority links. Start with your associated category in the Google Directory when getting authority links. Look for sites that are currently offering links out and ones that would benefit from providing users your content. Also, with look for top rankings for big terms.

Blog/RSS aggregated links. Obtaining such type of links is pretty easy. All you need to do is start your own blog and aggregate (this is also goes by the name of scraper links). Look for tagging sites and RSS and blog directories to submit to.

Directory links. Pony up some cash when obtaining directory links. You have to look for niche directories that are generally easy to find. Do not go overboard with more than a few directories each month, quarter, etc.

.gov and .edu links. Offer some career advice and/or assistance to interns. Look for .govs and .edus TLD extensions. Recently, Da ‘hoo modified some things to use site explorer. This means that most good tools are broken. You can still use the advanced search, however, to restrict searches to such TLD types.

One-way links from related sites or friends. How to obtain one-way links from the sites or friends? Well, all you have to do is attend tradeshows and conferences, make some friends and e-mail folks, and then offer something very useful in return. Find people in complementary niches.

Press release links. When obtaining press release links, look for websites that offer service such as press release submission and sites that submit your news. Find people in your niche who are looking for news content.

Presell Page Links. Getting presell pages requires link negotiations to a new level. We wish you good luck with outsourcing this. There are many opportunities to buy presell pages. Find websites that are open to advertising that is not going crazy with it. Find a happy medium.

Profile and comment links. To get profile and comment links, you have to contribute something really worthwhile to the websites of others. Stick around for a while. Do not be a jerk and never ever spam sites, unless you want to be blocked or get turned off. Look for websites that do not use redirects or nofollow tags.

Run of site links. These types of links are easy to buy. What should you look for? Go for websites that are very much on topic to you.

Reciprocal links. Reciprocal links are other types of links. How to get them? One important tip is to make some friends, but do not go overboard on this. Look for very strong links that complement your website.

TV, radio station, television, newspaper, or magazine links. Find a journalist. What should you look for? Monitor local news or look for someone who is writing a story.

Balance is key. If you go overboard on any type of links, then you are sending negative signals to the algos. Do not be dumb. Make use of all the tools to obtain balance in the link equation.

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