New Apex Legends Replicator Glitch Kills Off Player

A very strange Replicator glitch has been discovered by an Apex Legends fan, which has been a huge cause for frustration as it has caused them to lose a ranked match. Replicators, a new feature wherein you can craft items, were introduced in Season 6.

Although it hasn’t been around for very long, it has already caused a stir in the Apex Legends community and not in a good way. If you’re a long-time player of this battle royale title, you know that Apex Legends has had its fair share of glitches and bugs. For instance, a player recently discovered a bug where Mirage’s decoys would float.

Thankfully, that bug was merely amusing and doesn’t really do much to ruin the game. This new glitch, on the other hand, is pretty fatal. In fact, it can even be considered as game-breaking.



Players have been having a lot of fun crafting and upgrading items via the Replicator. This was also the case for Reddit user STRADD838, that is, until the Replicator trapped him while the zone got smaller, killing his character in the process. What’s worse was that this happened during a ranked match.

Replicator glitched and I got stuck in this screen until the zone eventually closed and killed me. I lost 12 points thanks to this. from apexlegends

Respawn hasn’t responded yet to the Reddit thread or made any comment about a fix for the glitch. However, this may be because there isn’t a very high volume of complaints about it yet. It remains to be seen if the glitch is only within this player’s account or device, or if the problem lies within Apex Legends itself.

On the plus side, Respawn is pretty quick when it comes to bug fixes. Although, understandably, a lot of players are quite unhappy with the fact that there are quite a lot of bugs to begin with.

Basing on the comment section in STRADD838’s Reddit post, the players aren’t altogether that bothered or concerned with the glitch. As such, it’s possible that this is simply a one-off issue or maybe even just a false alarm.

If it does get more widespread though, we can only hope that Respawn will work on a fix as soon as possible.

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