Marvel’s Avengers: All Hulk Comic Book Locations

In Marvel’s Avengers, collecting comic books is one of the best ways to improve hero stats in both the main game and in the multiplayer feature.

There are comic books that are dedicated to each of the heroes in the game. As part of the first mission, players will be challenged to find the comic books of the give core Avenger characters which are pretty easy to locate but after this, players are on their own.

Players must locate these comic books out in the world which is usually inside Stronghold chests as well as rare items and collectibles. For the Hulk, here are the locations where his comic books are located:

Hulk Comic book locations

Utah Badlands

In the Utah Badlands, players will come across the Chimera ship. Enter it and go into the Hangar. Here a Hulk comic book is hidden inside a red toolbox beside the jet on the right part of the area.

Avengers’ trophy room

After Dr. Banner joins the adventure, players will have the opportunity to visit the Avengers’ trophy room. There is a hidden Hulk comic book here right beside Captain America’s shield.

Chimera Ship

  1. Visit Dr. Banner’s room inside the Chimera. A comic book is easy to spot as it’s lying on top of his desk.
  2. Upon taking control of Tony Stark, players can revisit the Quinjet hangar where they can find another Hulk comic book inside a chest.

Marvel’s Avengers Hulk stat bonus

Here are the stat bonuses players can get upon getting Hulk’s comic books:

  • .5% resistance to all status
  • .5% critical chance
  • .5% max willpower
  • 1% Stun meter damage
Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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