LEAK: Black Panther Coming to Marvel’s Avengers

Recently, fans of the 2020 RPG Marvel’s Avengers have been experiencing a drought in terms of new content, as Crystal Dynamics has been working to further improve the game and its already-existing features and content.

However, it appears that fans may be seeing new content soon, as it has been leaked that Black Panther will be coming to the game. Dedicated players were able to discover a set of icons that look like symbols.

These symbols could be an indication of the different abilities Black Panther will have once he’s part of the game. However, what’s even more exciting is that they were able to uncover an image of Black Panther himself.

The developer already teased the addition of the King of Wakanda back in September during one particular War Table for Marvel’s Avengers. Crystal Dynamics initially wanted to show off the character at a much earlier time, however, they decided to postpone this after the passing of Chadwick Boseman.

That being said, there is no indication just yet as to when Black Panther’s inclusion in the game will go live. Although, there are two DLCs on the way that will introduce the two different Hawkeyes to Marvel’s Avengers, so we expect him to arrive around early 2021.

Even though Marvel’s Avengers’ launch wasn’t the best, with fans complaining about the existence of all kinds of bugs and glitches, the game can still be considered a success sales-wise. In addition to that, Crystal Dynamics has promised fans that the RPG will only improve going forward.

In any case, dataminers previously leaked a video that contained all kinds of concept art and future inclusions, and it appears that a hardcore fan who goes by Miller on Twitter has been picking apart these findings. As such, he was able to discover new things on his own, such as symbols that could possibly represent abilities.

If these are truly abilities, then we can only assume that they are either linked to T’Challa is some way, or it refers to another DLC character such as Kate Bishop. These symbols look like representations of different things, and right now, we can only guess what they could possibly mean. If they’re not abilities, then they might be mission logos instead, or perhape gear elements.

In other news, Crystal Dynamics has teased its fans that 2021 will bring all kinds of new content to Marvel’s Avengers, such as a new region, story arc, as well as a new character. Although most of us believe this new DLC character to be Black Panther and the new region to be Wakanda, the developer hasn’t revealed anything just yet.

If the King of Wakanda truly does arrive to the game though, he will most likely be using a different outfit than what we’re used to. You see, Miller has also shared a few concept art of Black Panther along with War Machine, who is another leaked character. Based on these images, T’Challa’s costume in Marvel’s Avengers is definitely more unique.

Although there are those gamers who believe that Marvel’s Avengers is already a dying game despite being released only recently, we hope that players’ interest in the title will be reawakened after Black Panther’s release.

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