Marvel’s Avengers Released Its First Patch (V1.0 Build 12.9)

The very first patch for Marvel’s Avengers since its release has gone live, and with it comes tweaks regarding stabilization as well as some bug fixes. According to Steam’s dev blog, the information they’ve gathered from the Early Access led them to believe that stability is an important aspect that they need to focus on for their brand-new patch.

That said, the patch will supposedly be applied automatically as soon as you start your game. Other fixes in this patch are the following:


Among the other bug fixes that they included in the update is the Challenge Card Progress bug. There was a bug in Marvel’s Avengers that prevented players from gaining progress in Hero Challenges Card, however, this has since been fixed.

For this issue, the players would find that there was no progress in their Challenge Cards even though they successfully finished the challenges for each hero. As a result, there was a delay in them receiving rewards. Understandably, this bug left quite a few players frustrated.

Fortunately, Crystal Dynamics has announced on their Twitter account that they have successfully fixed the bug.

For more context, the Challenge Cards is Marvel’s Avengers’ version of battle passes. You have the option to earn rewards for free by doing the challenges successfully, but you can also access the premium tier by paying via Credits, which is their in-game currency.

On another note, Crystal Dynamics has also confirmed in a response to another Twitter user that they are currently working on a fix regarding the game’s skins. At the moment, there’s a reported glitch wherein players don’t receive the skin they have purchased.

Since the release of Marvel’s Avengers, there have been bugs and glitches that have appeared here and there. Fortunately, the game’s devs seem to be on top of it all. Rest assured that they will definitely release a fix for everything sooner or later.

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