Minecraft Now Has 600 Million Active Players

It can’t be argued that Minecraft has been on the up and up again ever since its launch last 2009. The sandbox video game quickly rose to the top and became one of the most popular titles in the video game industry.

Mojang’s successful game remains popular even until today. As a matter of fact, new reports suggest that Minecraft has reached 600 million active players, and it appears that 400 million of those players are from China.

This new information was revealed by Niko Partners’ senior analyst Daniel Ahmad, who is known for reporting about the video game industry in Asia. Ahmad shared in a tweet last week that Minecraft received 100 million new players from China this year alone, which increased the current total Chinese players to 400 million. Ahmad notes that this is the fastest growth Minecraft has seen since launch.

Mojang also revealed earlier this year that the game was able to sell 200 million copies globally. This number includes all the platforms that currently support Minecraft, including mobile platforms, which are actually still seeing a continuous rise in players.

That being said, it’s not surprising that Minecraft was able to hit such impressive milestones and we’re sure that it will continue to reach more for many years to come. Many gamers turn to Minecraft for its complex gameplay despite its somewhat simple-looking aesthetics.

After all, players are given the opportunity to do whatever they want to do in this open-world game. It’s completely up to the players whether they want to just explore, fight mobs, or build and craft all kinds of things. Plus, it’s a great game to play with friends.

In other news, Mojang had a live stream presentation last month where it showcased all the fun and exciting things that will be coming to Minecraft at some point in the future. One announcement that fans are really looking forward to is the Caves and Cliffs update.

In this update, new flora and fauna will be introduced in the world of Minecraft, which players will be able to come across as they explore. Other features will be added too, including the addition of an aging element to Copper. Players will be able to utilize this in order to craft a couple of items in-game.


Goat lovers will be pleased to know that Mojang will be introducing mountain goats to Minecraft in the Caves and Cliffs update as well. However, players need to approach them with caution because these goats can easily push players off of cliffs.

Last but not least, The Warden and the Axolotl will be introduced in this upcoming update too. The Warden is a brand-new mob with incredible hearing as compensation for its blindness.

Even though The Warden won’t be able to see players, they will still be able to know their location due to their super-sensitive hearing. According to the developer, The Warden wasn’t designed to be hunted by those playing the game.

However, the reason why this type of mob was included in the game is because Mojang wanted to bring back the same feelings that players had when they initially played the game.

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