One Valorant Dev Responds to Fan About Map-Specific Queues

The team over at Riot Games who is responsible for the development of Valorant has had a lot of discussion concerning the future of the game’s maps. Riot Games has never shied away from openly talking about Valorant’s upcoming maps and characters.

Previously, it was revealed that the development team doesn’t want there to be a long period of time wherein new content isn’t being released. However, there aren’t a lot of options available right now that allow players to practice and experience the various maps in Valorant.

Fortunately, one Riot Games developer responded to one Twitter user regarding this exact concern after the user in question requested the addition of separate map queues.

For those who aren’t familiar with Valorant’s queueing system or are still trying to learn more about the game itself, players aren’t given the ability to choose which map they’re going to play on unless a custom game is created.


In a way, they can technically choose a specific map thanks to that particular mode. The next problem would be gathering a sufficient number of players for the custom game, which isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Besides, Valorant doesn’t really have any casual game modes right now where players who aren’t overly-competitive can play and experiment on the different maps against other real players.

As such, this can cause problems when a new map does get added because the fact that maps get randomly selected when queuing for a match can make it difficult for players to experience and learn about the new map first-hand.

Recently, a fan who goes by the Twitter handle @Nicememe765 requested Riot Games to “please put a separate queue so that we can quickly get some experience.” Eventually, the fan brought up the latest map, Icebox, saying that they have a difficult time mastering the map or at least getting used to it because players keep dodging it when it gets queued.

One of Valorant’s developers, who goes by Altombre on Twitter, responded to the fan and addressed this concern. Altombre confirmed that including map-specific queues is something that the team has previously talked about. However, he doesn’t mention if this kind of feature will be introduced to the game soon or even at all.

In any case, this is definitely great news for those who want the chance to experiment and gain valuable experience when a new map drops, allowing them to play better and perhaps even win.

On the other hand, there’s a potential issue that lies within the addition of a new, map-specific queue. More specifically, this could potentially disrupt Valorant’s matchmaking. Icebox may be the newest map, but it’s currently the least liked map on Valorant.

If Riot Games allows players to choose which map they can play on, this could significantly reduce the number of players on disliked maps such as Icebox. If the team somehow finds a way to properly handle this kind of feature, however, it would be a great way for players to master each map.

That being said, the possibility that Riot will be making some changes to Valorant’s queuing system is simply speculation right now. What we can say for sure though is that Valorant’s development team is working hard to release more maps in the future, most of which will most likely follow Icebox’s design.

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