My Singing Monsters Now Has a New Battle Mode

Developer Big Blue Bubble has recently celebrated the eighth anniversary of My Singing Monsters, a top-grossing mobile game, by releasing their biggest update so far. Update 3.0 adds a new battle mode called the “Colossingum,” which is an arena where Monsters can train and participate in musical battles.

Not only that, but the Monsters can also take part in quests in order to be rewarded with awesome costumes, which is also another recently-added feature.

You can take out Level 5+ Monsters from the Natural Islands and then bring them to the Colossingum, where you can train them and then consequently sign them up to do quests. To make things simple, here’s a summarized list of the update features as listed on Gamasutra:

  • Anniversary Month – A month-long celebration featuring exciting new offers and sales each week.
  • The Colossingum – A Colosseum-inspired new Island where players can train and battle their Monsters.
  • Colossingum Quests – PvE (Player vs. Enemy)-style challenges that award Medals, Monster costumes, and more.
  • Monster Costumes – Stat-boosting Monster accessories earned in Colossingum quests or purchased with Medals.
  • Trophies – Prestigious awards earned in special Colossingum quests that can be displayed proudly on your Island.
  • New Decorations – A collection of stunning Colossingum-exclusive Decorations.
  • Redecorated Gold Island – A festive Anniversary Month makeover bursting with balloons, streamers, and more.

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My Singing Monsters is a free-to-play game that you can download on both Android and Apple devices. For more information about this most recent update, head on over to the official Big Blue Bubble website.

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