miHoYo Announces New Genshin Impact Map Expansion

Genshin Impact fans have been treated to a ton of news updates recently, and it appears that this won’t stop anytime soon. In a recent announcement by developer miHoYo, players can expect a pretty significant update before the year ends.

If you’ve played Genshin Impact, you’re aware by now just how vast the game’s open world is. However, an update that’s set to release in December will introduce a map expansion, providing players with even more areas to explore and fight monsters.

The Chinese-made title has only been out for a couple of weeks, yet it is already considered to be one of the most popular games out there right now. We’re not altogether surprised though, given the fact that it has gameplay mechanics that many gamers are fond of.

The world of Treyvat is huge, so much so that its open world was likened to that of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, especially since both games allow players to do so much in its expansive worlds.

Even though at this stage in the game’s life it’s highly unlikely that most players have already finished exploring every inch and crevice of the game’s map, it’s also possible that there are those who are close to doing so and will want more areas to explore.


That being said, miHoYo has recently provided the fans with a roadmap for expected updates, and it contains details of what the next three updates will contain. According to the roadmap, Version 1.1 will be released on November 11, while Version 1.2 is set to release on December 23.

Now, this second update will be the one that contains the map expansion. Its release is timely too, given the fact that the update will launch right before the winter holidays, which consequently means more players will have time to explore the world during vacation.

This upcoming map will contain a new unexplored area called Dragonspine. Similar to the upcoming Elemental Crucible event, the new area will be introduced through an in-game event that will motivate players to traverse it.

Dragonspine can be seen on the in-game map, but it’s entirely blacked out. In other words, there’s no way to get a glimpse of the area just yet. That being said, we still don’t know if a lot of new areas will be included in the game in the future


At the moment, Dragonspine has already been coded into the game, which means that miHoYo will most likely just concentrate on the existing content available now and encourage fans to explore every inch of Genshin Impact’s extensive world.

We expect that once the game is out for a longer period of time, more events and items will be introduced to the game, which will flesh out the already-existing areas and will prevent the players from getting too bored.

Even though Genshin Impact has gotten really popular and received a lot of positive reviews, there are still a couple of issues that miHoYo needs to address, such as the rumor that an upcoming version will unnecessarily nerf a few characters.

We just hope that the developers won’t bite off more than they can chew when it comes to releasing new content that they don’t resolve the ongoing issues that players have.

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