Apex Legends Season 7 Leak Showcases New Weapon and Character Skins

Apex Legends players have been on the constant lookout for new updates on Twitter recently, and this is most likely because reliable dataminers such as Shrugtal and Biast12 have been on the roll lately when it comes to releasing new details about the game.

Their most recent discovery was about Apex Legends’ new Halloween skins. This time around, it appears that they were able to uncover new details regarding Season 7 after going through the game’s data once more.

As always, the dataminers shared their new findings on Twitter, which they believe will be content featured in the upcoming season. The items they’ve discovered were each tagged as “Ascension,” causing many players to theorize that this will be Season 7’s subtitle.

If so, this would make a lot of sense given the fact that there have been rumors saying that the new season will feature a new map. At the moment, the most likely candidate is Olympus, a city in the sky. This is a floating map that was initially previewed in Loba’s introduction.

As for the new leaks, Shrugtal posted screenshots showing new weapon skins for the Hemlok and Longbow. That said, the dataminer speculates that these two skins will be made available to players on the Battle Pass.

As you can see, the Hemlock’s color palette is bright purple and green, while on the other hand, the Longbow is sporting a more turquoise design with patterns that look like spiderwebs.

Then, Shrugtal proceeded to reveal a new Rare skin for Wraith, which they also believe will be included in the Battle Pass as well. The new skin, which comes in dark purple and has white and gold accents, gives Wraith an almost regal look.

Biast12, on the other hand, has been providing fans on Twitter with other findings outside of weapon and character skins. More specifically, the dataminer was able to find that new weapon charms will be making its way to Apex Legends.

The charms in question are of creatures you’ll find in the game, more specifically the Leviathan and the Prowler. However, these charms have turned the beasts into adorable origami and there are even different variations you can pick from. You’ll find a sample of the Leviathan charm below:

Shrugtal and Biast12 are two of the most reliable Apex Legends dataminers, and they have both been busy rifling through the game’s data ever since the Aftermarket event and crossplay update were released.

Because of these two, players have gathered a lot of new information regarding upcoming content, one example being the Shadow Royale LTM for Halloween. That being said, their biggest discovery so far is most probably the upcoming character called Horizon.

Previously, data uncovered from the Apex Legends’ code implied that a legend called Valk will be included in the roster. However, it appears that recent findings indicate otherwise, as dataminers were able to procure a lot of information that suggested that Horizon will be the next legend instead.

We’ll definitely keep a close eye on Shrugtal and Biast12’s Twitter accounts, as more information could be revealed in the future.

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