Figma Pre-Orders Now Available for Silent Hill 2’s Pyramid Head and Bubble Head Nurse

Silent Hill fans have been waiting for a new installment for quite some time now, and given the fact that Konami hasn’t announced anything new regarding the horror series, fans are beginning to lose hope that a new game will be released anytime soon.

However, there’s good news for those who love Silent Hill 2 and its horrific monsters. It may not be a new video game entry, but Pyramid Head and Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill 2 will be coming back in the form of a Figma.

If you don’t know what Figma are, they are action figures that were first introduced by Japan. One reason why they’re so popular is that they have posable joints, perfect for taking pictures of. Not only that, but each Figma comes with extra pieces, such as props, face plates with varying facial expressions, as well as hands that you can mix and match.

The Figma of these two Silent Hill 2 monsters were already released a few years back, but production for them was stopped. As a result, the two became pretty rare Figma and could only be found available through re-sellers — that is, until this re-release.

Now, the Figma for Pyramid Head and the Bubble Head Nurse are both available for pre-order, with Pyramid Head costing $83.99 and the latter $73.99. As for its respective additional pieces, Pyramid Head will come with his Great Knife and spear, along with a stand and swappable hands.

On the other hand, Bubble Head Nurse comes with a knife and metal pipe, as well as a stand, her own set of swappable hands, and extra head parts. You can pre-order both of these Figma until December 2, after which they are scheduled to be shipped out by August 2021.

Even though there’s no longer any hope for the Silent Hill franchise to make a comeback, a couple of the games from the series and their main characters have gained attention from fans lately.

For instance, gamers have created mods that crossed Silent Hill over to other horror titles such as Amnesia. Another example is when the developers of Dead by Daylight partnered with Konami to make Silent Hill‘s Heather Mason and Cybil Bennett playable characters.

It’s truly unfortunate how all we’ve had so far are constant rumors about new Silent Hill games after previously-announced titles kept getting canceled. What’s even worse is the fact that none of these rumors seem concrete and they all just drift away into the void, never to be heard of again.

As such, this is why many Silent Hill fans previously encouraged Sony to buy the rights to Silent Hill and other Konami games, as it seems like the developer is more than happy for its games to just gather dust on the shelves. However, it’s highly unlikely that this will happen at all.

So for now, all fans can do is hold on to the great memories that the Silent Hill franchise was able to give them, as well as enjoy the tiny crumbs that have been provided to the fanbase as of late such as the re-release of these two Figma.

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