Moby Dick-Inspired Whale Hunting Simulator Has Been Announced

Books, especially classic literature, are popular choices when it comes to adaptations, especially video game adaptations. As a matter of fact, there are several incredibly popular titles on the market right now that are based on books, such as The Witcher series, Metro, and BioShock. These just go to show that video games are capable of taking on complex plots and stories that many novels have.

This time around, it appears that yet another classic novel has been used as an inspiration to create a video game. Specifically, Polish studio 3T Games is currently working on a whale hunting simulator that’s reminiscent of Moby Dick, the piece of literary fiction written by Herman Melville.

The upcoming simulator is entitled Essex: The Whale Hunter, and it’s basically all about trying to gather a tough crew of sailors in an effort to try to find (and then capture) sperm whales. 3T Games even confirmed that the highly popular 19th century novel was the studio’s main inspiration for creating the game. The team hopes that Essex: The Whale Hunter will give players an idea of what it must have felt like to hunt whales back in the day.


It’s not just about whale hunting, though—the game offers more than just that. In Essex: The Whale Hunter, players will be able to manage the sailors aboard the ship, as well as ensure that the ship itself is in the best possible condition. Players must also keep track of their in-game money, ensuring that they make decisions that give off the most profit.

Given these gameplay mechanics, the upcoming title seems to be a mix between a typical simulation game and a strategy game. Publisher Ultimate Games S.A. also released an announcement trailer for the title, which gives interested players a sneak peek into what the game has to offer.

It starts off with a theatrical cutscene wherein a massive whale swims incredibly close to a ship that’s being violently rocked back and forth by waves. From what we can see so far, the game is still in its rough stages, but developer 3T Games still has enough time to polish it completely before its release.

YouTube video

That being said, Essex: The Whale Hunter doesn’t have an official release date just yet, so interested players may have to wait for an indefinite period of time. However, 3T Games says that it’s hoping to release the game by 2023, so perhaps fans can consider that as a tentative release window.

For now, Essex: The Whale Hunter has an official Steam page where fans can check for updates as well as add the game to their wishlist.

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