New Wiiboy Color Made by Modder GingerOfMods

Modder GingerOfMods has created the “Wiiboy Color” from a Nintendo Wii. The “Wiiboy Color” As the name suggests, resembles the retro Game Boy Color, and all the essential Wii parts carefully made to fit the portable mold.

He uploaded a video showcasing the amazing transformation and how much tinkering went into this device. At the start of the video, he explains that it is made possible because “the Wii motherboard can actually be trimmed to be very small.”

A custom 3D-printed Game Boy Color shell houses all the necessary buttons and parts that make up a Wii controller: Nintendo Switch joysticks were used at the upper left and lower right and DS Lite buttons on the lower left and upper right. The controls were linked to a GameCube controller’s circuit. Two triggers, Z-buttons, and one cooling fan were placed at the back. The screen is actually for a car’s backup camera. GingerOfMods actually says that “the games look better than they ever have before” on the 3.5 inch 480p IPS screen.


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