Blizzard Pushes Back Release of Overwatch’s Experimental Update

One of the reasons why Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch is highly popular in the gaming community is partly because of its wide vast of heroes. The game’s diverse characters each have their own one-of-a-kind playstyle, which plays a role in how a team plays in every match. Even though the Overwatch team is regularly releasing updates for the multiplayer first-person shooter, it appears that the new Experimental Mode won’t be released just yet.

In an effort to ensure that the game is balanced, Blizzard implemented an Experimental Mode in Overwatch. This mode allows for the testing of the different game modes, as well as the tweaks made to heroes. An update was released last week, which brought about several changes. For instance, Zarya’s energy drain rate received an increase, while Genji’s Shuriken speed was also increased too.

Other than that, the latest Experimental Mode made some necessary tweaks to DPS and Tank abilities. Even though the Overwatch community will surely share varying opinions back and forth regarding these nerfs and buffs, the fact is that Blizzard will be needing more time before the newest Experimental Mode goes live.


Some of the adjustments made in this mode are changes that fans have been asking for, such as Sigma’s barrier cooldown getting decreased and Pharah’s fuel reserves receiving a much-needed bost. But even though Overwatch players are clamoring for the implementation of these changes, they won’t be heading to the main game just yet.

In the official Overwatch forum, Community Manager Josh Nash announced this news, stating that “the team is reviewing feedback and performance.” A such, the changes made to the recent Experimental Mode won’t be released alongside the PachiMarchi challenge event. Nash goes on to say that “once the changes are finalized, we’ll look to get a balance patch out before to long.”

It may be understandably disappointing for many fans, but it’s not all bad news. Overwatch players can still look forward to exciting new bonuses that are headed to the online game. Asides from the new challenge event, Overwatch’s new Competitive Mode season is about to begin as well.

This particular mode was supposed to change a couple of days ago, but because Overwatch had an issue, Blizzard decided to extend Season 26. Now, players will once again be able to compete in matches without being worried changes made to heroes.


Even though the delay of the Experimental Mode’s release is disappointing, it’s highly likely that Blizzard will release it anytime soon. Most of the time, the changes made to the Experimental Mode are also applied automatically to the main game, even though its sole purpose is for testing our heroes and game modes.

This delay can even be viewed in a positive light. It could mean that the team working on Overwatch are serious about their work and are actually reviewing the different buffs and nerfs carefully before releasing the update.

Besides, the fans can preoccupy themselves with the new PachiMarchi challenge event and Competitive Mode season while they wait for the Experimental Mode’s release.

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