Overwatch May Be Teasing a New Sword-Wielding Hero in Interesting Letter

The official Twitter page of Blizzard’s Overwatch recently shared mysterious lore to the fans, which may be an indication of a brand-new hero. Blizzard’s post links to a letter that can be read in full on the game’s official website, and it essentially talks about sword masters who are linked to the Shimada Clan. As you probably know, the Overwatch heroes Genji and Hanzo were once part of the clan in question.

Blizzard Entertainment’s take on the first-person hero shooter genre received a lot of acclaim and has a decent number of players even to this day. Since playable heroes are one of the vital aspects of hero-based shooters such as Overwatch, the possibility that a new character will be introduced soon is definitely an exciting thought.

Ever since the game’s release, Overwatch has been making use of all kinds of cryptic lore like memos and picture before the release of a brand-new hero. This time around, it appears that the developer may be utilizing the same tactic.


Similar to the previous teasers, Blizzard shared lore that doesn’t appear to focus on anyone within the main cast while at the same time, fleshes out more of the game’s universe. The letter that Blizzard shared is by a blade-wielder named Asa written for her weaponsmith husband named Kashiko.

It essentially reads like a simple letter from a loving wife relaying news of events to her dear husband. More specifically, Asa bemoans her husband’s responsibilities that whisk him away from home, describes worrying events that are taking place, as well as fondly remembers the Shimada Clan.

Now, the part that is probably most significant to Overwatch is when Asa mentions that above others, the Shimada chose her to be their swordmaster. This information can be linked to Genji and Hanzo’s animated short, as it reveals who their teacher is.

That being said, this letter revealing Asa’s past isn’t the only reason why fans think that a new sword-wielding hero is coming to Overwatch. There’s a part in the letter where Asa talks about how their daughter liked Kashiko’s gift. If we rely on context clues, we believe this gift to be a blade.


Asa also criticizes the Hashimoto Clan for creating an environment that’s dangerous to their beloved daughter, making her roam the streets at night as some kind of protector. Given this information, we can’t say for sure whether the upcoming hero will be Asa or their daughter, but the fact that a sword-wielding hero will be joining the roster seems imminent.

That being said, Asa didn’t reveal any other vital information or pictures that we could glean from. The teaser’s format and timing appear very similar to Blizzard’s previous Overwatch reveals. Besides, a new Japanese-themed Deathmatch map, Kanezaka, was released last month, which may be connected to this new lore.

In addition, players theorized that Kanezaka was hinting at an upcoming female hero who will be wielding a melee weapon. In any case, an official announcement might be released some time soon.

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