Cover Art for Overwatch Tracer’s Fourth London Calling Comic Revealed

Overwatch has quite a lot of playable characters, but one of the most popular and iconic ones on the roster is arguably Tracer. That being said, the time-traveling, happy-go-lucky character has been receiving even more attention recently thanks to the London Calling comic series, which is all about Tracer’s backstory.

Even though the highly anticipated Overwatch 2 will most likely boost the progress of the series’ main story, Blizzard Entertainment has been utilizing short stories and comics not only for entertainment, but in order to give fans a little bit of backstory for some of the most popular characters in the game.

For instance, there was previously a short story dedicated to Symmetra, while there have been released comics dedicated to characters such as McCree and Mercy. So far, there has been no shortage of content that not only gives the characters some love, but gives players lore to chew over.


Launched in September 2020 with the Tracer’s Comic Book skin challenge, the London Calling comic series has Lena Oxton a.k.a Tracer learning and discovering more about the Omnics. The limited-run series is expected to have five issues overall, and so far, Tracer was able to befriend the music-loving Iggy and was introduced to two Omnic leaders.

London Calling is published by Dark Horse Comics, written by Mariko Tamaki, and illustrated by Babs Tarr and Heather Danforth. So far, the comic series has been a huge hit with Overwatch fans, especially those who mainly use Tracer.

The fourth issue is scheduled to be published on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, and the developer shared a sneak peek of the official cover art for the fourth book on the game’s official Twitter account.

The upcoming cover art features an injured Tracer being helped by one of Iggy’s members, with the comic series’ main antagonist looming in the background. Most likely ordering a dreadful attack on humanity that Tracer will work hard to prevent, Kace is the leader of an in-game sentient race of robots that hates all of humanity.

Kace will probably be the biggest threat in London Calling’s last two issues, especially since he claims that “Omnics fight for the whole” while on the other hand, “humans only fight for themselves.”

The third issue put a spotlight on Mondatta’s assassination, which was an event that got featured in the “Alive” animated short from 2016 focusing on Widowmaker. That being said, Kace achieved even more power thanks to the death of the peaceful character, leaving a void that no one else can fill.

We theorize that Tracer will most probably go head-to-head with the villain in the upcoming fourth issue, and if the revealed cover art is anything to go by, the hero won’t have an easy time trying to defeat him. In fact, she might not even be successful in her upcoming battle with Kace—that’s always a possibility.

Of course, justice will always prevail in the end and Tracer will probably stop Kace in the conclusion of London Calling. However, fans now wonder if this new character from the comic series is the mysterious Omnic featured at the end of the Storm Rising event’s PvE mission. If this fan theory is true, then Tracer might be encountering a familiar face in Overwatch 2.

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