Overwatch Reveals Echo’s New Lunar New Year 2021 Skin

The Lunar New Year event for Overwatch will begin today, and just like from the previous years, developer Blizzard will also be releasing brand-new skins for the different characters that will match the theme for this year’s event.

Yesterday, Blizzard revealed the themed skin for Ashe, which was a Tiger Huntress. This time around, the skin for another character, Echo, has been revealed. The Kkachi Echo skin is a pretty simple and straightforward one—Echo basically dresses up like the Kkachi bird. When using the skin, Echo has feathered wings that look similar to a bird, while the entire color scheme follows the dark blue and gray aesthetic of the Kkachi.

Seeing as Echo has “wings” to begin with which allow her to glide in the air, this Kkachi skin is a very fitting one for the character and goes well with the theme at the same time. She also has a new highlight intro, where she performs a dance with a pair of fans made out of blue and white light.


The Kkachi, also known as the Oriental Magpie, are usually associated with either Taiwan or China. However, this lovely bird is actually also a common symbol in Korea, so much so that many South Korean cities and counties consider it as their official bird.

Not all the Overwatch heroes will probably get their skin for this new event, but it makes sense that Blizzard would release one for Echo. For one thing, she’s the newest character to be introduced in the Overwatch universe, which means that this year’s Lunar New Year event would be her first one.

That being said, this year is the Year of the Ox as well, so we expect that Blizzard will release at least one other skin for another character that’s themed around that particular animal. Perhaps one of the women heroes will get some kind of cowgirl skin. Orisa would be a perfect fit for this, especially since she already has an ox-like build to begin with, anyway.

Even though Blizzard still continues to support Overwatch with a variety of updates and events, fans are yearning more and more for the release of Overwatch 2. The sequel was first announced in 2019, yet Blizzard has been noticeably silent about the upcoming title and its development.


Fortunately, the BlizzCon online event will take place this month, and excited fans expect that more news about Overwatch 2 will be revealed by then. The major announcement that fans are waiting for is a release date confirmation.

However, given the fact that there are rumors claiming that Overwatch 2’s development is going slow, as well as Blizzard’s alarming lack of updates, it wouldn’t be altogether surprising if fans will have to wait a bit longer for the game.

What’s more, Genji’s voice actor recently said that he hasn’t even recorded any voice lines for the sequel yet, which is a cause for worry. Although this could be a reference to the rumor regarding the game’s slow development progress, others have begun to worry that Genji’s voice actor might be getting replaced in Overwatch 2.

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