New Gameplay Features Added to Phasmophobia Following Update

More often than not, Kinetic Games releases Phasmophobia updates that help fix the many bugs and glitches currently present in the game. However, it appears that the latest update that got released last November 9 added much more than just bug fixes.

More specifically, Kinetic Games has included two new gameplay features in Phasmophobia that will make the players’ experience more immersive and thrilling. That being said, don’t expect that the ghost hunting title has changed drastically because it hasn’t.

The gameplay is more or less the same as before, but the fact that Kinetic Games founder Dknighter has included these new elements means that the game is slowly being fleshed out just as initially planned.

The first addition is a new objective for players to try and achieve in the process of studying and finding the entity haunting a certain household. The task is to sprinkle some salt on the floor, and your goal is to get the ghost to pass through the salt.

As for the second addition, dead players can now pretend to be the entity that killed them by picking stuff up and then throwing them around. This will surely make things scarier for the players who are still alive as they try and cross out all the objectives.

Asides from the game’s Steam page, the official Phasmophobia Twitter account also shares game updates. Although if you want more information regarding the complete patch notes, Phasmophobia has a Discord server where you can check the game’s changelog.

Similar to previous patches, this latest one has a bunch of fixes as well. Asides from that though, some of the existing features have been updated and improved. For instance, the ghost photo daily challenge will be completed for all participating players even though only one player will take the photos.

Without a doubt, Dknighter has a lot of other things planned for Phasmophobia, so you can expect the introduction of new mechanics in the near future. Although, the developer decided to extend the Early Access state of the game due to its unexpected success.

As such, he plans on further refining and improving the game during this indefinite period of time by squashing as many bugs and glitches as possible all while including new features and content at the same time.


If you’re interested to see what Kinetic Games has planned for the future of Phasmophobia, Dknighter has set up a public Trello board containing every planned update and addition to the game.

That being said, it’s best to remember that not everything you see listed on the board will be added to the game, just like the PvP mode that was recently scrapped by the developer. If this mode pushed through though, players would have been given the chance to control the ghosts instead of AI.

We don’t think Dknighter removing initial plans will be a common occurrence though, as Dknighter only included the PvP mode concept to see how fans would react. Still, it’s interesting to see which plans will push through and which ones won’t.

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