Players Can Make Their Own Vaults in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 will be featuring new underground building chambers some time within the year, but if you want the biggest ones, it will come at a price. In an update post on Bethesda’s website, the studio further discussed shelters and how they work in Fallout 76, as these were scheduled to go live in the Public Test Server (PTS).

To provide you with a brief explanation, shelters are special areas within Fallout 76 that are set apart from the rest of the game. Each of these shelters has its very own budgets, as well, which means that you don’t have to fret over having to take from the C.A.M.P site situated above-ground.

These shelters have three different sizes, namely: Utility Room, Lobby, and Atrium. The Utility Room is pretty much the same as a janitor’s closet, as it is a free shelter that will be available to players once they finish a new questline.

The other two, on the other hand, will require you to use the game’s premium currency called Atoms.


That being said, the studio will initially have the ‘Vault Lobby’ as one of its monthly free items for those players who are a member of Fallout 1st. After that, though, players will have to purchase the room with the use of Atoms via the Atomic Shop.

Last but not least, the biggest Shelter a.k.a the Vault Atrium can be purchased immediately using Atoms on the day of the patch. This doesn’t really come as a surprise to us, given the fact that updates for Fallout 76 are completely free and that the game is funded by the cosmetics and furniture that it sells via Atoms.

In turn, the game also assures players that those who have the most money and time to spare will have only the best.

That being said, subscribing to Fallout 1st costs $13 per month at the moment or $100 for one year. On the other hand, the starting price for Atoms is $5 for 500, but they can also be earned in-game by successfully doing the daily and weekly challenges.

Another way to earn Atoms is by increasing the game’s season pass level. For instance, if you reach rank 20 in the season pass, you will be rewarded with 150 Atoms.


Bethesda has yet to reveal the price range for the Lobby and Atrium vaults, so we can’t really say for sure yet if it’s better to grind for the Atoms or just buy them outright with real-world money.

On another note, the way that the largest shelter is gated this way by Bethesda brings back the sense of class warfare that was a pressing issue when the studio initially announced the subscription service.

Grinding for Atoms can sometimes be an arduous ordeal, but being able to receive a lot of them with the help of the season pass can be extremely helpful too. On the other hand, players have been complaining about how difficult it is to earn the new S.C.O.R.E. points needed in order to rank up the season pass.

Fortunately, Bethesda has acknowledged the fans’ concerns and is already planning to address the problem.

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