Minecraft Earth Adds Pistons in Upcoming Update

Great news await those players who enjoy blending together Minecraft and the real world via Minecraft Earth, as new features are making its way to the app. Recently, Mojang revealed to the fans that the ability to add pistons will be made available to Minecraft Earth, making your augmented reality experience even more interesting.

You can expect these pistons to be included in the upcoming update. The Minecraft Live 2020 stream took place recently, which was a must-see show for all the Minecraft fans out there because it announced the different content you can expect to see in the game’s future.

Pistons and sticky pistons were announced during the show, but Minecraft’s official Twitter account posted the announcement as well. As you may or may not know, pistons are a kind of block that is capable of pushing not only other blocks but players and mobs alike.

As such, we’re definitely interested to see how Mojang implements these in augmented reality.

The part that many were looking forward to, though, was the community vote, which was the part of the show where players could vote for which new content Mojang should add to the game.

Previously, the Minecraft team asked the players for help to decide which mob they should add: a Moobloom, the Iceologer, or a Glow Squid. Based on this voting, the results indicate that Mojang will be adding the Glow Squid. We don’t know yet when this new mob will be added to Minecraft, but we assume that they will be included in the new Caves & Cliffs update that was recently announced.

For this one, Mojang wants players to have new underground experiences. In other words, there will be all kinds of new content for you to enjoy, such as new biomes and blocks. One example of new blocks you’ll encounter in the game would be the Sculk blocks, which adds wireless Redstone to Minecraft.

The developers further explained this concept by saying that these new blocks function based on movement and sound vibrations. Once they’re charged, they start emitting a redstone signal. Without a doubt, this new feature will open brand-new avenues for wireless creations in Minecraft.

In any case, it has definitely been a week full of exciting things for Minecraft fans. As a matter of fact, new content for Minecraft has reached outside of the game itself and has made its way to a completely different franchise — Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

It has been recently announced that Steve from Minecraft will be making its way to the crossover fighting game as a DLC fighter. Not only that, but he will have four different skins included, featuring fan favorites such as Alex, Zombie, and Enderman.

As for the fighter’s move set, you will find the typical Minecraft actions such as crafting as well as placing blocks. It was definitely a shock to hear that Steve from Minecraft will be included in a game such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

However, it’s also great to see that even after all these years, Minecraft is still out there continuing to make a name for itself despite how popular it already is.

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