Preorder Star Wars: Squadrons on the Epic Store to Get Free Fortnite X-Wing Glider

Upcoming dogfighting title Star Wars: Squadrons won’t exclusively be available on the Epic Games Store, as you can also get it on Steam and Origin, depending on your preferences. However, the Epic Store has something up its sleeve to persuade you to get the game from them.

That is to say that preordering Star Wars: Squadrons from the Epic Store entitles you to a free X-Wing Glider which you can use on Fortnite.

This all-new glider is one of the cosmetic items included in the game’s preorder bonus items. The X-Wing probably won’t mean much to players who don’t play Fortnite, however, a lot of people do play it. As such, an exclusive glider would probably be a very tempting offer to a lot of fans.

On a related note, EA also released a Star Wars: Squadrons cinematic around the same time. This cinematic trailer introduces Titan Leader, who is the head of the Imperial squadron.

Star Wars: Squadrons is definitely taking a really interesting perspective, as the Imperials appear to be viewed as the hero faction in the trailer. The upcoming title’s dogfighting looks pretty good, too, but we’re definitely looking forward to what the storyline has to give us.

Star Wars: Squadrons is scheduled to launch on October 2.

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