New Red Dead Online Update Introduces Telegram Missions

Developer Rockstar Games recently revealed that Red Dead Online players can look forward to more in-game content, and it appears that the developer is making good on its word. Now, fans who log into their Red Dead Online accounts will find that Telegram Missions are now available.

When Red Dead Redemption 2 was first launched, it received praise and acclaim from players and critics alike due to its immersive storyline and incredibly detailed map, among other things. Rockstar Games eventually released Red Dead Online, which is essentially the online component of the cowboy adventure.

However, the online multiplayer didn’t really receive the same kind of attention as Red Dead Redemption 2, even though the game’s full location was also brought over to the online world. In the past, Rockstar Games didn’t release as many updates for Red Dead Online as fans would have liked, but now, it’s clear to see that the developer is making an effort to release more features and activities for players to dive into.


Rockstar Games recently published a new Newswire, which talks about what the players can expect from the recent update. Those fans who enjoy traversing through the expansive open world of Red Dead Online can now accept three new missions in exchange for monetary compensation.

Specifically, players will be able to receive a telegram message from a mysterious “J.” However, it’s worth noting that these new employment options are only available for those players who enjoy going solo. Those who are interested in taking part in these new missions will be able to distinguish them by name—A One Horse Deal, Rich Pickings, and Outrider.

For the first telegram mission, solo Red Dead Online players will be dealing with the notorious Braithwaites and a particular Emerald Ranch horse. In order to successfully complete the quest, players have to steal the equine and take it to the contact. As for the Rich Picking quest, players will once again return to the beautiful St. Denis, where they have to participate in a heist revolving around precious gems and jewels.

Last but not least, Outriders brings players back to a classic western adventure, where they have to ensure that a covered wagon stays safe and secure as it crosses Brittlebrush Trawl. Each of these missions has three different difficulty options, and fans will be able to start a solo mission by taking the telegram from either the Post Office or Camp Lockbox.

Those dedicated Red Dead Online players who have been wanting more content will be sure to appreciate these three additions. While they’re definitely not major additions, like a new map zone perhaps or a new role, these can definitely offer fans with something new while they wait for something more significant.

Besides, this update in particular won’t require the assistance of friends or other online pals, so solo players will finally have something else to do outside of hunting or fishing. On the downside, the addition of these three telegram missions won’t be enough for die-hard Red Dead Online players. Some might even think it unfair that these missions can’t be done as a posse. Still, many fans will appreciate this addition, no matter how minor, and will take it as a chance to try something new.

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