Resident Evil 8 Will Not Have Load Times On The PlayStation 5

In a new interview, Capcom producer Pete Fabiano announced that thanks to the system’s powerful SDD, the PlayStation 5 will pretty much get rid of load times in Resident Evil 8. Though Capcom revealed the game last summer, the publisher just started showcasing it in ardent a few weeks ago.

Resident Evil 8’s first gameplay trailer hit the web last January, for example, courtesy of the Resident Evil Showcase livestreaming event. Shortly after the showcase was shown, PlayStation 5 owners were able to enjoy the exclusive The Maiden demo, complete with an in-depth look at the very charming Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters.


The online event unveiled another intriguing piece of information about Resident Evil 8’s upcoming launch – it is a cross-gen game. While cross-gen launches are not always able to totally leverage new hardware, Capcom appears hell-bent on providing owners of the next-gen consoles some kind of edge.

Talking with Official PlayStation Magazine, Capcom producer Pete Fabiano stated that the developers are taking advantage of the PlayStation 5’s SSD by “virtually eliminating load times, [which will allow] players to keep the feeling of immersion.”

In addition, Fabiano also mentioned that the PlayStation 5’s Tempest 3D audio will further drown players in the survival horror experience in its own right. Hence, Resident Evil 8 owners playing on Sony’s newest console can anticipate becoming “fully bathed in audio from all directions.”

Aside from previous news about features like ray-tracing and native 4K, little is known about how else Resident Evil 8 might take advantage of the power of the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. However, Capcom has yet to reveal information about the game’s possible performance modes and visual capabilities. Such details are bound to show up as the horror game’s release date continues to come close.

As a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Village will once more put players in the shoes of Ethan Winters. However, this time, Ethan won’t only be tasked with carefully make his way through a house of horrors, since Resident Evil 8 is a much bigger game with expansive areas to explore.

Based on what’s revealed thus far, it seems as if the stakes are higher now for Ethan. Regardless of the better details, Resident Evil fans are more than likely in for an entirely different type of horror experience.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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