Riot Games Officially Confirms Valorant Agent 14 With New Cinematic For Episode 2

Earlier this month, a Valorant player leaked the details of the upcoming fourteenth Agent before Riot Games could officially announce him. The leak spared no detail about Agent 14 and revealed everything important about him, including his name and all of his abilities. At the time of the leak, players were advised not to fully believe everything revealed due to the fact that the developer hadn’t made an official announcement yet and the leak was only translated by Russian fans.

However, Riot Games recently dropped a brand-new cinematic trailer in preparation for Valorant Episode 2, and it basically confirmed everything that the leak claimed. The cinematic trailer showcases Yoru, otherwise known as Agent 14, teaming up with U.K. Agent Pheonix as they try to diffuse a Spike that’s being defended by Jett, Viper, and Cypher.

Yoru and Pheonix were able to win in the end, but what made the cinematic trailer truly interesting was the fact that it showcased most of Yoru’s abilities, and it coincided with the information from the earlier leak.

After Riot Games officially dropped the cinematic, the developer revealed even more details about the new Agent. Yoru is a Japanese agent and serves as one of the duelists in Valorant’s roster. This would make him the fifth duelist character, alongside Reyna, Raze, Pheonix, and Jett.

The developer wanted Yoru to have a fighting style that focused on stealthy infiltration, and the studio was able to firmly establish this concept by giving him abilities that allow him to hop through dimensions. Similar to the other duelists, Yoru utilizes his abilities as one of the first characters to jump into the fray and battle against enemies.

That being said, Yoru may be a duelist but his abilities make him play differently than the others who are in the same category as him. For other duelist characters such as Reyna or Raze, for example, they are more about fighting the enemies head-on with the help of their tools or powers. On the other hand, Yoru has abilities that give him the opportunity to be more sneaky and deceptive, which in turn allows him more stealthy kills.

Many Valorant fans are definitely excited to experience playing as Yoru first-hand, as he offers a fresh of breath air within the duelist category. Without a doubt, his deceptive skills will give players the chance to experiment with different playing styles that other Agents just can’t provide.


Valorant Episode 2 is scheduled to launch very soon, specifically on Tuesday, January 12, 2021. In other words, excited players don’t have to wait for too long before they can finally experience Yoru. Once the update officially rolls out, it will also consist of other new updates such as the new battle pass as well as cosmetic items.

Riot Games initially planned on releasing a brand-new map with each new Episode, but the developer released the controversial Icebox map early with the Episode 1 Act 3 update in order to satisfy the fans’ need for a new map.

That being said, Riot Games is currently working on another arena to be added to Valorant. However, this won’t be included in the upcoming Episode 2 update.

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