Riot is Considering New Melee VFX and Animations for Valorant

New Agents and maps may be two of the most highly-requested additions to Valorant, but the request for new skins have been increasing in popularity as well. The cosmetics you’ll find in this popular team-based shooter – from the Select Edition to the Exclusive Edition – vary in sizes, shapes, as well as prices.

Previously, the Elderflame skin bundle (Ultra Edition) received a lot of negative reactions from fans because it was just too expensive, costing 9,900 Valorant Points. Now, however, the latest skins from the EGO and Smite bundles are being critically-reviewed for different reasons.

To put it simply, the melee weapon for both the EGO and Smite bundles are basically just simple reskins of the default in-game knife. The fact that they don’t have any additional animations or video effects for the melee weapon has been getting on the nerves of many Valorant players.

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Recently, a Redditor took to the Valorant subreddit to express how they hope that the melee for the upcoming G.U.N skin bundle will have unique VFX so that it’s not just the same as the default.

In that same post, Riot Games asked the user what kind of animation they would want to see in the future. In addition to that, one of Riot’s developers explained the reason why some skin bundles have a unique animation while others don’t.

screenshot-pvplive-net-2020-09-28-11_57_01The developer goes on to say that they are “evaluating” the requests of the players and trying to take a look at what kind of adjustments they can make.

Many fans flocked to the Reddit thread to express their appreciation for the fact that the Riot devs seemed interested in their opinions, along with other thoughts they’d like to see in the game. One user suggested that the draw animation for each melee weapon should be unique, saying that this would probably make more players buy and flex the skin more.

Another user added that the melee weapon having the same inspect is probably the main concern for many players, to which one of the developers agreed.

The dev then adds that they’re “definitely looking into ways” to make the melee weapons more different.

One of the reasons why this uproar turned up is because the EGO by OneTap and the upcoming G.U.N bundles are both considered to be in the same ‘Premium Edition’ tier. However, the latter features a complete reskin and a possibly new animation or VFX as well for the melee weapon.

As such, many fans are saying that purchasing the skin bundle with not only the custom melee skin but a potential VFX too would be more worth it. However, it appears that Riot Games and its developers are more than willing to hear the fans out, as they are already beginning to seriously consider the community’s feedback.

As a matter of fact, we wouldn’t be all that surprised if one of Valorant’s future updates will bring all-new animations or VFX to many of the currently existing melee skins. If they do so, many fans will, without a doubt, be very pleased with Riot.


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