Shiny Grapploct Featured In Latest Pokemon Sword & Shield Max Raid Event

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, a new Max Raid Battle was just added, giving players the chance to get a shiny form of the Pokémon Grapploct. Sword and Shield, the most current significant chapters in the legendary monster collection genre, was launched for the Nintendo Switch in 2019. For both Pokémon games, creator Game Freak continues to provide support in the form of updates and events.

Despite the fact that it was released over two years ago, Pokémon Sword and Shield is constantly being updated with new events to keep players coming back to Galar’s British-inspired environment. In April of 2021, Game Freak held an April Fool’s event in which gamers may face a gigantic and uncatchable version of the Pokémon Magikarp.


The aquatic fish Pokémon, which is essentially worthless in battle yet evolves into the fearsome sea monster Gyarados, is a running gag among series fans. In Pokémon Sword & Shield, a more recent and more catastrophic incident flooded the Galar area with the rare shiny version of the Sheep Pokémon Wooloo. The event took place from May 20 to May 23, and it gave participants the opportunity to acquire a rare monster.

Players will be able to meet octopus-inspired Pokémon such as Grapploct, Octillery, and Malamar in a brand-new Max Raid event in Pokémon Sword and Shield. The Tentacle Event, according to Dexerto, would enhance the spawn rate of these eight-legged creatures in Max Raid Battles, making them easier to catch.

Grapploct’s shiny version will also have a 2% spawn rate, making the exceedingly uncommon creature more accessible. Trainers should move swiftly to take advantage of the Tentacle Event, which runs from June 25 to June 27.


While developers continue to maintain games like Pokémon Sword & Shield and Pokémon GO, new chapters in the brand are constantly on the horizon. Nintendo unveiled Pokémon UNITE in June 2020, a multiplayer combat arena game in which players must capture wild Pokémon while scoring goals for their side. Japanese Nintendo customers may participate in a public network test for Pokémon UNITE, which will finish on June 26.

Through the introduction of events and upgrades, Game Freak has been able to extend the life of Pokémon Sword and Shield, ensuring that the games are still relevant today. Max Raid Events are a great motivation for players to come back to the monster gathering game since they make it simple to get uncommon and unusual Pokémon. The concentration on octopus Pokémon in the Tentacle Event is particularly unusual, and the temptation of a shiny Grapploct is sure to entice series aficionados.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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