Spiritfarer Confirmed To Have New Content This Year

2020 was a great year for video games, with many highly acclaimed titles getting released within that period of time. There was a wide array of releases as well, ranging from major titles like Cyberpunk 2077, to successful indie ones like Disco Elysium. Spiritfarer was considered to be one of the best indie releases of last year, so much so that it garnered praise from critics and players, and was even nominated multiple times for different awards during The Game Awards 2020.

Now, fans of this indie hit from developer Thunder Lotus Games will be glad to know that they can look forward to more Spiritfarer content this 2021. The developer recently revealed the game’s 2021 Roadmap, which includes a Spiritfarer DLC. The Roadmap also includes specific release windows, which is great as it gives fans something to look forward to this year.

Fans can expect the first update to go live by spring 2021, and it’s expected to add the new spirit called Lily. Lily will bring a little bit of lore to Spiritfarer, as she’s apparently the younger sister of Stella—the game’s protagonist.

The Roadmap states that since Stella is getting more and more used to Spiritfaring, “she starts to uncover some of her memories, which are starting to blossom as wondrous flowers over her cabin.” As such, it doesn’t come as a surprise that her sister, Lily, takes on the form of butterflies.


Players will find Lily to be a unique spirit because she’ll be the only one that’s active at night. Her introduction to Spiritfarer also means that players can expect new story content for Stella, although Thunder Lotus Games has yet to reveal the specifics of this upcoming story content.

Among other things, this first update will also bring about improvements to in-game activities such as fishing. More specifically, the developer will introduce co-op fishing as well as a brand-new interface for co-op players. After the spring update comes the summer update, which will introduce yet another new character. This time around, Spiritfarer players can welcome Beverly, a new bird character they’ll encounter in Oxbury.

This update will also implement a new station called the Archive Room, which players can build onto their ship. In this new station, players will be given the opportunity to check out new collectible items such as Acetate Sheets. Thunder Lotus Games will also implement several quality of life improvements to Spiritfarer, although the developer is keeping this information a secret for now.


Last but not least, fans can expect the fall update to come after the summer update. Now, this last one is arguably the most sizeable one yet. The fall 2021 update is significant because it will be released more or less a year since Spiritfarer was first launched. As such, Thunder Lotus Games will be adding two new spirits to the game to mark the occasion.

In this update, fans can look forward to meet Daria the patient and Jackie the caretaker. They take on the form of what looks to be a bat and hyena, respectively. Not only that, this update will introduce a brand-new island to the game’s map—among other things—offering players with something new they can explore.

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