Upcoming Stardew Valley 1.5 Update Will Introduce New Beach Farm

Creator of the highly-beloved farming simulator Stardew Valley, Eric Barone aka ConcernedApe, has shared new details about the game’s upcoming 1.5 update. It’s highly possible that the anticipated update will be launching soon, perhaps even before the year ends.

To make things even more exciting, the developer revealed in a recent tweet that the upcoming update will introduce a brand-new farm type for players to choose when setting up their farm, as well as other extra settings.

ConcernedApe already revealed a couple of details about update 1.5 a few months ago, but this new information is definitely interesting. According to the developer, the new update will give players the option to choose a Beach Farm, a new type of farm that will change the way the player’s farm looks and its functionalities.

In addition to that, Stardew Valley will introduce an Advanced Game Options menu as soon as the update goes live, which will allow players to tailor fit the game’s settings to match their gameplay style.

The new Beach Farm will be perfect for those players who enjoy not only fishing but foraging as well. In addition, choosing this type will mean that the farm will offer a lot of open space in order to emulate a sandy beach.

To make things more dynamic, supply crates will randomly wash up on the beach farm’s shore, which will most likely contain a variety of items that players can either use or sell. The downside to this farm type, however, is that sprinklers will be rendered useless.

Long-time Stardew Valley players know that sprinklers are probably one of the most useful items in the game since they can help water the crops every day. That said, the new split-screen feature in co-op mode will most likely be useful for those who choose the Beach Farm, with one player focusing on one task and one on another.

Stardew Valley has been growing throughout the years, and it will do the same with update 1.5. The game’s community center, which consists of so many side-quest options for players to do, will now offer remixed bundles if the player chooses. The new advanced settings also offer a “Guarantee Year 1 Completable” check box underneath the Community Center Bundles.


Despite being most commonly known as a farm simulator, Stardew Valley has dungeon crawling elements that are equally as fun. Heading inside the mines will give players the opportunity to test out their fighting skills, as a variety of monsters attempt to hurt the player’s character.

In the 1.5 update, players will be able to make some changes to the mine rewards via the Advanced Game Options. To spice things up, ConcernedApe has also included a new on or off toggle that lets monsters spawn on the player’s farm itself if they want them to.

Developer Eric Barone has been working on this update for quite some time now, sharing new details about it from time to time on his Twitter account. Even though the game has been out for a few years now, Barone still continues to support the title with new updates and will continue to do so until further notice. Plus, he hasn’t crossed out the idea of a sequel to Stardew Valley, which is great.

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